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September 1, 2008

Aghori sadhu alleges Asaram asked him to kill 6 persons

AHMEDABAD: In a startling development , an aghori sadhu from Madhya Pradesh, Oghad Sukharam, has alleged that Asaram had allegedly contracted him to kill at least six persons through black magic, including managing director of Sandesh group Parthiv Falgun Patel and managing editor of Gujarat Samachar, Shreyans Shah.

Oghad, who is from the Mahakali temple of Dewas near Indore, made the allegation in the Sandesh office on Monday before many witnesses. He also filed an affidavit before a notary, listing all his allegations. Among other names that Oghad claims on the hitlist, are ayurved practitioner from Vadodara Amrut Prajapati, who was once a member of Asaram’s ashram in Surat, former companion of Asaram from Delhi Chandrashekhar, Asaram’s former secretary Kaushik Patel and Asaram’s former driver Dinesh.

Oghad alleged that Asaram asked him to kill these people in a telephone call made on his cell phone on August 10. He claimed to have recorded the conversation and was ready to provide all details to police or state government . He was also ready for a forensic test. Oghad claimed that Asaram asked him to forget the rest of the persons on his hitlist for the time being and concentrate on Parthiv.

According to Oghad, he was offered Rs 1.5 lakh and the management of any one of 300 of Asaram’s ashrams in the country if he completed the job. He claimed that the first call was made by a man named Mishra from Asaram’s ashram in Delhi on August 7, followed by a number of calls on August 10. During one of these calls on August 10, Asaram spoke to him.

He also alleged that he was given Rs 5,000 by one of Asaram’s sadhaks to buy the necessary material to perform the rites, which was apparently taped by a national TV channel.

The aghori sadhu said that he was impressed by Asaram’s speeches and had come to know both him and his son Narayan Sai five months ago, while on the way to Kota from Madhya Pradesh. He claimed they talked to each other frequently.

(Source: Sandesh)

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