Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

October 1, 2008

23 Court cases of frauds of asaram bapu worth 4500 crores of rupees

As there are lot many to list we are only listing couple of them whose legal papers we have in our hands. We are in the process of scanning he documents and will be posting it here. Did that widowed mother son AJAY SHARMA ever was sent back from Ahmedabad back to his home ? Let us know when asaram orders ajay to go home & he is with his widowed mother, We will be happy to  post it here.

Sureshanad – How many passports does he has ?
– Asaram was ever caught with currency smuggling at airport ?
– what’s the visa status of asaram ? Was his USA visa cancelled by embassy why ?

Seelampur – Delhi – Mandir is snatched and converted into ashram because there is barghad tree so people can do round & round chakar around it.
Karol bagh ashram is on forest land.
Shiv mandir on faiz road,Delhi – used to be run by Mr. Dhinghra – Cash boxes were lying in rooms of 20 lacs rupees in one box and 12 boxes were there. Janamashtami ki subah one box full of cash was taken away by a cleaner. Asaram couldn’t report in FIR because then he will have to answer why so much cash is lying in a mandir & where it came from. Whole gurudwara people from nearby had gathered there  but police ACP rushed the case. Although asaram had take the kubza on it.  People had protested the misuse of mandir land by asaram who had taken some rooms as sewa for ashram.  all boxes full of cash was rushed in maruti van of asaram ashram and was taken away before police could write or take hold of all cash. unreported money , all cash, all money is from tears & blood of slaves & victims who are being made fool by asaram.

Rajokri ,Delhi – papers were forged by asaram trust of Mrs. Bhagwani Devi & land is still being used by asaram ashram as a passage to ashram. Mr. Dayanand is the victim & he has filed cases against asaram.

–  Jhatikra – Najafgarh , Delhi – Land is snatched from gram Paunchayat – they don’t want him there but he played with village people 7 have them fight among themselves.

Rishikesh – Uttranchal – Case with Mr. Laxman Das tyagi- Land snatched – Case pending . There are couple of murder cases also we will write them later.

Brahmpuri ashram – nai tighiri court.
Gawalior – shivpuri ashram – land snatched – court cases pending.
Chindwara ashram – land forged

Indore – khandwa Rd. land snatched.
Megh nagar – MP. Adiwasi land 108 Acre took it as asaram is adiwasi now.
Pethmala – gujarat – Land worth 300 crore took it because here asaram is farmer now.
Ratlam – Manglaya mandir – used to belong to Prerna Behan from Mumbai – she is disciple of Muruai bapu – asaram manipulated she lost 500 acres of land.
Panched ashram 15 km away from Ratlam ashram – land belongs to Jat community – snatched it – asaram has his criminals there – poor people around ashram can’t even get water as water place is in the land which asaram took.
Chandigarh ashram – land is on fake property – inaugurated by prakash singh badal – asaram told his disciple give me 5 lakh rupees for flat & i will give you home for old age  collected around 500 crores – now asaram forgot to give them their flat or money which he collected. Cases are in court.

Goregaon – land is a park but he snatched public property and local public is harrased.
Banaras ashram has case- lot of stories to tell about Banaras.
Surat ashram is built on property whose real land owners are threatened – case in court- court said asaram to leave his ashram and give property back to real owners.
Ahmedabad – Narayan vatika – Motera zamin – cases are there.
Lucknow – court cases – Ajay shah is handling – with the help of police office Mr. Vikram singh (SP may be) got real land owner arrested and Ajay shah manipulated everything to harass victims.
Bhavnagar – municipality came and broke the ashram land which asaram had grabbed in the last week of September.

– Pushkar  – Aam wale baba ke ashrm par kabza – real owner is Mr. Chetan Pawar.

Haridwaar kali pura gaon – the way of village itslef is isturbed by asaram grabbing their land. school in village which is run by people from mumbai had wanted to fix the way to school but asaram sent his criminals to threaten the school people. whole village dislikes the asaram ashram.  Remember asaram bapu ashrams are meant for slavery brainwashing & as brothels all over india.

Himmat nagar – grahm panchayat ki zamin – case pending.
There are much more to list of these big properties. same way there are 87 small properties of real people whose private homes are taken by asaram bapu with his criminals in the name of donation. His sadhak have snatched private homes assets of these people & now those people have to pay asaram to leave their homes.

More ::::::::

Narayan’s ashram detail……… grabing
1 Gambhoi Ashram – Complete add. is village muchhnipal PO rajpur via gambhoi dist himmatnagar GUJRAT. GRAM PANCHYAT KI KUCHH JAMEEN PAR KABJA KAR RAKHA HAI………


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