Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

October 10, 2008

कैसे लूट रहा है आसाराम बापू हमारे समाज को – Kaise loot raha hai asaram humare samaj ko

Any disaster in India becomes PR & money collection commodity to sell to his disciples for asaram.
He starts cashing in on the whatever aapda people face to collect donations. all in cash , no recipe , no record.

In Bihar 2 yrs ago he cashed in on bihar stunt, 50 lakh kisan hit, He offered in public some money, He collected over 73 crores. It’s been 2 years, not even a single penny was sent form that. Show media the audited copy of account that money was distributed ?

When there was earthquake in gujarat, he publicly said he will ” annath bacho god lunga”” How many children he had take? How many crores came from USA ? but how much was actually given to anath children. bhukamp mein aye kitne bachon ko sahara diya ? No he brainwashed some from there and using them as criminals now.

In Orrisa cyclone – gamang CM. Asaram promised him 50 crore for cyclone, gamang gave asaram charter helicopter se Hawaii daura then asaram collected 273 crores from overseas & India in donations but in fact how much he gave to gamang ? how much money spent in cyclone? Nothing zero.

Garib adivasi ki sea photo saalo se eik he uska hi use ho rahein hai, bhandara hota hai , survey karayen to reality pata chalegi .

In 2 -3 yrs one time Rs. 7-9 per person infornt of camera are given apx. Rs.2-3 lakh rupeess is spent, but in the name of bhanadara for adivasi over 70 Crores of Rupees collected. apni patrika mein photo chaap kar do kardo collectio kar leta hai. Donation dene walon ko koi rasid nahin di jaati. Jhoot ka parda faas to yeah hai.
What they distribute is 1 kg atta + 1 mombatti + 1 matches. (atta comes from sponsor who runs a big scam with FCI so it doesn’t even cost over Rs 2/kg. as this is most disgusting atta i have ever seen in my life.). On top in every camp hoardings & photos of asaram are diasplayed os media can shoot that this is what they are doing. but in reality all that drama for adivasi is done so wherever they are doing asaram can grab that land. hundreds of Acres of land is now in asaram control which used to be of Adivasi now asaram became owner of that land. His factories to make all the stuff he sells will be made there. Remember asaram never pays for labour. all labour is first brainwashed then told to live in compound of ashram, donate their property and start working in ashram.

Collection of money in lakhs per day & in crores per day also comes from wherever people matha tekte , parikrama, wahan roj ka lakhon rupees aata hai, koi raseed nahin hai.
pichle das salon ki audited balance shhet media mein pesh kare. Hundred of thousands fo crores has been hidden in money laundry business partners of asaram.

All ashrams sell over truck loads of merchandise per day. sabhi parmukh ashram eik truck maal sale hota hai, uska koi bil nahin diya jaata. No receipt is ever given.
itna profit jo ho raha hai uski paisa kahan hai. And some times when people get sick throught he stuff asaram sells they are brushed off & are told never to come to ashram.
How many truck loads is sold that can be found out by the villages next to ashram , kitne truck bikte hain, aaspass ke village goregaon ullasnagar, rajokiri, vadodra, surat, ludhiana, chandigarh. banaras.agra, jammu, calcutta,kitne truck sale hoti hai,- income tax sales tax dept figures nikalva sakta hai.

Shree Asaramayan
Mahima of asaram – Miracles asaram does , he claims he does in this book, He can bring alive a dead cow. It’s printed in his asaramayan which is has sold crores of copies.
mari gaye ko jeevandana – mari hoi ko zinda – jo mar gaye unko zinda – mari hui chiti ko zinda kar ke dikha de.

hindu saint – hindu thekedaaron par hota hai jo virodh nahin karte hon.
bharat maein anadhi kaal se sant mahapurush aur bhagwan avtar lete rahte hain. lekin aaj tak ramayan to kewal bhagwaan ram ki bani hai. Aaram ne apni hi ramayan nikawlwa kar humare hindu dharam ko kalankit kar diya hai. paise ki bhookh aur kutepan ki had hoti hai.

Yeh thug pichle 35 saalo se karodo asharamayan chapwa kar bech chuka hai.
Hindu dharma ke thekedarron ka khoon kyon nahin kholta.
People are getting to kknow his crimes now, & 99% population hates him. Rest are illeterate & are coming out of his illusion soon too.


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