Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

October 12, 2008

General public didn’t wanted asaram program in their area.

People in India are so angry on asaram & his son narayan that they don’t want to see asaram or his fanatic terrorist sadhaks in their area. Whereas asaram is trying very hard to manipulates & cover up all his crimes through political connections. Asaram is even paying to ex sadhaks who are already out & had murdered number of people in his ashram for him to keep quite & getting information about others from them. But now his political connections are also washing hands form him. They don’t want to be seen or to be supporters of some one who has done murders, raped, brainwashed & has built an army of sadhaks who are acting as terrorists in India. his sadhaks go and kill victims all over India. every day we are getting new e-mail of a new murder which he had ordered. Good thing is people who were involved with him at that time who were witness or some even murder on asaram’s command are willing to speak. They are willing to take the risk of their life to save thousands of other families. Today in Ahmedabad general public even threw stones on asaram pictures to protest his ashrams.
please see the link of story of


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