Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

October 24, 2008

शैतान बना आसाराम SHAITAN BANA ASARAM

शैतान बना आसाराम SHAITAN BANA ASARAM

is a 15 page document which provides methods used by asaram bapu & his son narayan sindhi to brainwash fanatics in thier ashram.

They are manipulated not to leave ashram. If they try to leave or family comes t take then they are threatend beaten & also murdered.

शैतान बना आसाराम  ebook can be downloaded from SHAITAN BANA ASARAM link.

you can read it online or download it in pdf format for later viewing, or print it.

this book is good if you want to study how asaram brainwashes people & keep them in his ashram.

This book was written by ex inmates of asaram who lived in his ashram.

It also contains some emails & commments came in email by the victims of asaram.

शैतान बना आसाराम SHAITAN BANA ASARAM is eye opening document which will shock you to see what exactly happens & how a son is made into chela and parents are begging for their son to come back home, whereas pedophile asaram enjoys the services of brainwashed fanatics.

Terrorists are made using same tactics.

india woke up with this. asaram bapu doesn’t want you to see this document.

शैतान बना आसाराम SHAITAN BANA ASARAM

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  1. Thank you for your support.

    Comment by आसाराम अत्याचार निवारण समिति — October 29, 2008 @ 6:55 am | Reply

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