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October 31, 2008

Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti – जागेगा गुजरात संघर्ष समिति

Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti is a Non political party for the upliftment of gujarati people in gujarat.
Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti supports peace agenda.
Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti want to save children if they are being murdered in the name of Hinduism.
Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti wants to give voice to people whose voice is being suppressed by powerful political people
JGSS started with agenda bring justice to people & entire gujarat came to the support of JGSS.
You can also join JGSS even if you have non hindu background.
You can also join even if you are a parent & believe in any guru, as we are not against any guru we are against criminals who are acting as guru.
JGSS requires people from all faces of life but goal should be one to be free and let others live free.
NO foundation, No politics simple humanity work.
Being hindu doesn’t mean we need to kill other religions or exploit Hinduism.
Hindu teaches respect to parents, but some criminals are using Hinduism to promote themselves.
Jagega Gujarat Sangharsh Samiti is started by Hindus but others have also Joined us.

जागेगा गुजरात संघर्ष समिति
Some of the prominent people from Ahmedabad who have guided JGSS so far are
Mr. Prakash kapadia, Mr. Naresh Shah, Mr. Meghraj bhai, Mr. Ashok Punjabi
जागेगा गुजरात संघर्ष समिति
जो १४ साल में माँ को माँ कहने की शिक्षा न दे सका वो क्या संस्कार सिखायेगा
जो १४ साल से माँ को बचे से अलग कर के अपने नोट गिनवाता है वोह माँ से क्यों मिलवायेगा
जागो हिन्दुस्तानियो लगी है आग गुजरात में जागेगा गुजरात
सीख लो सबक गुजरात से कहीं यह चाहे कुछ भी कहे बीतेगा दिन और होगी रात
नया दिन सवेरा लायेगा जागेगा गुजरात और माँ को बेटे से मिलवायेगा
माँ के संघर्ष को जागेगा गुजरात अपना संघर्ष बनाएगा
एक माँ की फरियाद सुन कर जिसका दिल न पिघला वोह क्या भारतीय कहलायेगा


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