Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

January 30, 2009

Haramkhor Asaram bapu pays to journalist to not to write about his crimes and victims

Thanks to all general public, Politicians & Guru’s who have supported our cause today in Ahmedabad. We thanks to all the spiritual guru’s who have supported us by their guidance, by showing who is real Asaram & his criminal murderer rapist son Narayan is. Serial Rapist Narayan who is living a life of self called god portraying as Kirshan to innocent females who have fallen in trap of his fathers illusion will be saved soon. From today we will be reporting everyday one real incident of asaram and his criminal activities. It will take years as there are only 365 days in year so right now we have 1,700 cases of victims against asaram from all over India which includes girls who are raped, Parents who daughters were raped, Parents of females who are still getting raped in asaram ashram and parents want to get the medical test done to prove that they have been raped in ashram, parents whose children are killed in ashram, Parents whose children are being held under superstition of next life in ashram. All of these case are fresh with evidence of one of the victims or family who was still alive at that time, some people have been killed by asaram and his goonda’s after they gave us their story. Proofs of asaram tried to break communal harmony just to hide his own personal benefit. Remember some of these stories are well know to all over India and those parents are still struggling to get their children out of asaram ashram. If you also have a guru then you need to check if he has supported asaram in last four months then he is a bad criminal like asaram. If your Guru has not condemned in clear words asaram taking advantage of people making them slaves and keeping them on 3 rotis per day for years and has made them into a living skeleton of bones then your guru has something to hide. Please let us know name of your guru who has not condemned asaram yet openly. We will find out how your guru is supporting asaram, if your guru is supporting asaram then it’s sad then he should be exposed as we know asaram very well so anyone supporting asaram is enemy of all parents & victims of asaram & they might have something under their sleeves. Please send your guru’s name and number who has not condemned asaram yet, this is a public appeal to all hindu’s. Hinduism means be good man not to leave your family under illusion to become slave of criminal rapist asaram. We are looking forward for government to seize all asaram ashram within two weeks, and all slaves to be released and given medical care so they can get back their body back to normal scale instead of being a skeleton of bones. More deaths are being reported by taking asaram medicines because form last couple of months people ar enot buying from asaram futkar shops so all medinces are expired but asaram selling htem by chaing date labels. Asaram has planned mass murder,s o hopefully goivernment acts fast and seize his ashrams before asaram flees away after mass murder. So far in last three months asaram has paid around 3 crores in Cash to just supress the news of victims. If you write one article of true face of asaram then he will first try to harrass you by saying he will sue you bla blah but he can’t sue you becuase you are not writing against a religion you are exposing a criminal, then if you stilll write then he will try to buy you by paying lakhs of ruppes. asaram paid huge cash to TV chanels becuase for 30minute slot which anyone can buy for 3 lah he paid 30 lakh but made a deal that don’t expose me and don’t show story of my victims or rapes and sex abuse in asaaram and narayan ashrams. Remember even if asaram takes you to court still becuase there are thousadns of victims more you will get lot of support from victims, let him take you to court as there will be ten new victim stories will come along. Asaram spread superstition and milking thousands of crores a year. so far his asseets are 45,000 crores which is on the bloods of thousands of people he killed in ashrams.


January 25, 2009

Asaram uses terror tactics to silent his victims voices – Chindwara

Besides murdering , sexual exploitation and using corrupt politicians from behind asaram uses terror tactics in India to silent victims who speak truth about him.  What an illusion, what asaram is doing is unhumane. supreme court or CBI in india is silent. This is an appeal to All religious communities and religious leaders who are not like asaram please protest against asaram who has put childrens under starvation in his ashrams.  Childrens are dying , others are deprived of spoon of mil from years to control thier thoughts under superstition.   Asaram is trying to repeat the history of Jim Jones in India. All fanaticas who are working for him were hired as an employee but later on they were brainwashed to work for free under disguise of guru sewa, Asaram uses SIKHISM book of guru and word by word he say I am the guru. Sikh’s in india jalundhur had protested years ago, but becuase news was suppressed by media as asaram buys slots from TV stations and pays them lakhs of ruppees a month so TV chanels have been suppressing news & henious crimes of asaram.    It’s a shame for money Indian corporates can sell souls and will sell advertisement slot to mass murdrer, rapist, pedophile.     In India anything is possible criminals chargesheeted can become minister by bahubal through terror in his area.   


Asaram has been threatneing , defaming his ex workers some of them now even have their own ashrms are doing genuine humanity work, but it’s a shame so far asaram is able to keep letting spread his superstition and terrors on innocent people who fell as prey in the name blind faith, which asaram bapu exploited.  Asaram bapu son narayan has crossed all limits of a pimp, he says i am allowed to have as many wifes i like becuase i m god,   but then he sexually molest young females who are under 10 yrs of age.  What a shame , how come females are getting aborted in ashrams ? Why parents of those women are wondering about their daughters fate.  Asaram now even started using childrens in videos to promote him & his son narayan so they can pray on small children.  Each asaram ashram is built on a property which they either forged or took fro  the real owner as deception.  Hopefully young generation will  educated enough to think and see the pains of victims.  Please read shaitan bana asaram bapu ebook to understand how asaram has brainwashed people to work as slaves in his ashram for years.


This story was sent to us by mail.





Killings At Asaram Ashram  Expose Corporate Baba  Badal Saroj


CHINDWARA town of Madhya Pradesh witnessed a serious outburst of public resentment on July 31 arising out of the mysterious death of two children, one in sequence to other on July 29, in a residential institution run in the town by Asaram Bapu. Ramkrishna Yadav a student of Nursery standard was stifled to death in a hostel toilet. The dead body of Vedant Mourya, another residential student of KG I standard, was also found in the hostel toilet on July 31. Prima-facie, the cause of death of both students was drowning in a bucket of water. Angry citizens of the town resorted to blockade of Asaram Gurukul. The CPI(M), Gondwana Ganatranta Party, CITU and other organisations called for a bandh and demanded immediate arrest of the incharge of ashram, a CBI probe of the incident and immediate closing down of the ashram.





Another Gurukul of Asaram Ashram at Ahmedabad also witnessed similar incidents of planned murder of students on July 5 resulting in serial protest actions including bandh at Ahmedabad and elsewhere in the state of Gujarat. Asaram disciples physically attacked the protesters. The DIG who investigated the matter came out with a statement that these were not cases of normal deaths but seemed to be planned murders.


Similar doubt was expressed by one lady to the police authority regarding the first incident at Chindwara. She went to the extent of pointing out to particular resident devotee as a suspect but nobody cared to enquire into her allegations. An investigating police officer was relieved of his responsibility midway and the task was handed over to the IG Police of Jabalpur, who hastily announced the name of a student of IX standard Rituraj as the lone culprit involved in the serial murders. Rituraj was promptly sent to jail custody for fourteen days.


The parents of Rituraj immediately objected to their son’s arrest and described it as an unholy attempt to shield the real culprits. They told CPI(M) leaders that Rituraj is a patient of epilepsy and was taking treatment at Nagpur. He is not in a mental frame to withstand the tension and anxiety. The police, the father claimed, took advantage of his crumbling mental condition and made him a scapegoat to be offered to the BJP which wants to bail out Asaram, the favorite mythological story teller and its open supporter, from this crisis.


The case of Ahmedabad deaths was also dealt with in a similar one-sided manner. The police took several hours to reach to the site, where bodies of students were actually found. The forensic team was not allowed to reach the place till the lock gate was opened by the management. The river water was allowed to drown the whole area. The chief minister Narendra Modi gave an empty assurance of bringing the guilty to book only in order to stem the anger and anguish expressed by the local people against the killings. Even after more than a month since the murders took place, the investigation could not even begin. Of course, at this rate, to nab the culprits would remain a distant dream. The BJP government of Madhya Pradesh proved itself cleverer than that of Gujarat. In order to give a clean chit to Asaram, it preferred to fix the blame on a sick student of IX standard.




This controversial baba’s original name was Asumal, which was changed to Asaram, designated as Sant Shree (a religious person of repute). And to attach nearness, he was called as Bapu (a fatherly person). One cannot be sure whether or not the earlier police file on Asumal remains safe in Modi’s regime. But his present-day activities are no less controversial. There are hourly rates of his religious discourse (prabachan). Sales proceeds of prasad, incense sticks (agarbatti) and use of erected canopy (pandal) etc are provided on exorbitant rates by Asaram himself. He has himself become a corporate by establishing an extensive network of factories, schools etc. For setting up these, he successfully acquired thousands of acres of land which was made available by the BJP governments either free of cost or at nominal rates. There is hardly any town in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat where there is no ashram of Asaram Bapu. After getting the land, he used to occupy neighboring lands as well, at his own terms. This is the reason why almost all ashrams of Asaram are embroiled in land disputes. One who refuses to be a timid disciple is considered as a person of obstruction and is dealt with accordingly. The government machinery eagerly comes forward to teach such a person a good lesson.


At Chindwara, while local people were expressing their anguish and discontentment by participating in the bandh, some communal organisations led by RSS came out openly in processions in support of Asaram. They designated the agitating people as anti-Hindu.


According to Vasudev Sharma, CITU secretary, who was involved in the agitational programs against these cruel murders, there are no ‘rules & regulations’ in the ashram to abide by. It does not adhere to humanitarian approach in solving problems. The hostel meant for 70 students is occupied by 350 students. The institution (gurukul) does not have any teacher or employee on its records. They are all disciples (sadhak) who follow CBSE course for examination and teach rites and rituals as laid down by Asaram to innocent boys and girls. The fee charged starts from Rs 35,000/- per annum. Some amount is added extra as a goodwill gesture which is not refundable. With such affordable fee, the parents, despite being downhearted with the affairs, prefer to keep their children in the gurukul. Expression of discontentment, if any, is considered as an act of an atheist, non-believer and anti-Hinduist. Parents of Ramkrishna Yadav were told by Asaram that Ramkrishna was bestowed with the age he lived up to, and has already taken re-incarnation as a great man. One can very well guess the standard of refinement and cultural purification being imparted in the gurukul.


Vasudev Sharma complained that several truck-loads of vegetables and forest produce from this premise have been sent to Gujarat to be used in factories of Asaram for pharmaceutical production. Absence of scientific quality assurance, safe manufacturing process and proven technology were brought to public knowledge by the recently conducted raids and surveillance by health officials. The students of gurukul are treated with these medicines.





Jasvinder Singh, CPI(M) state secretariat member, visited Chindwara and enquired into the matter. Having first hand information from students, their family members and local citizens, he expressed apprehension that the students are being subjected to experiments using these medicines.


Both at Chindwara and Ahmedabad, students, who breathed their last in sequel incidents, were found dead near to water taps. By this one cannot rule out possibility of adverse reaction of the medicines, which might have created get strong disquietude and forced them to run towards water?


Persons having knowledge and currently attached to the affairs of the gurukul claimed that tantra-sadhana is practiced in the institution. It would not be out of place to refer to the complaint of use of these kids to practice occult science of charms and incantations. A resident of Panipat and one-time associate of Narayan Sindhi, son of Asaram (who claimed to be a God himself) came out openly with letters and other documents to suggest practice of incantations.


Following the incidents of Chindwara, citizens of other cities and towns where such institutions of self made-Gods exist, are getting frightened. To Madhya Pradesh, Asaram is not the lone godly-person who want to subscribe towards spiritual reinvigoration of the state. Capital city Bhopal recently witnessed the glamorous presence of “intellectual-Guru” Shri Shri Ravishankar and “Yoga-merchant” Baba Ramdev at the inaugural function of the autobiography (Hindi Version) of “prime minister-in-waiting” L K Advani. Both these godmen have already taken several hundred acres of land from the state government for their respective ashrams as goodwill gestures. They are, therefore, duty bound to mark their individual presence at such ceremonies. After all, they need to pay the price for award or reward, whatsoever, has been paid to them.


What would be the long term effects of the mushroom growth of such ashrams is anybody’s guess. But tribal population of Amarkantak hills in Anuppur district of the state know better. Their traditional occupancy of lands have been grabbed by temples and institutions like sharks. They are battling in defence of their livelihoods with Adivasi Ekta Mahasabha and CPI(M) in the forefront. People have learned lessons that the flabby growth of sadhus & sanths in the area has a significant impact both in terms of social life and politically. This mushrooming is definitely aimed at weakening the struggle against loot of imperialism and capitalism at large.


These so-called sacred folks have developed a passion to become corporate in nature. Now they are no longer happy with petty offerings or gifts. They want their due share, as they know that in the present day bankrupt politics, political leaders and spiritual masters are mutually dependent. It is because of this estimation, be it BJP or Congress, no party wants to remain lagging behind in utilising these “godmen”. People who have been displaced from their own land for paving way to erect such ashrams would require to fight their cause in their own way. Spontaneity in public resentment, as seen in Chindwara, shows that the people are ready to do so.

January 20, 2009

Modi helped ASARAM Bapu & his son to hide murders

It is unfortunate that India has people like Modi who is accused of doing genocide murders of innocent people is still able to live alive. There were thousands of people murdered under Modi’s power, even now lot of murders are done under his power. If Modi helped asaram to hide murders becuase of money then it’s really shame. Asaram paid hundreds of crores in bribes to  government officials. but now those officias have woken up their eyes as sooner or later asaram & his son will be caught and
will be brought to justice then they will be also under scanner if they hep him now.

Some people used to help asaram under illusion of faith who portrayed himself as god to insiders, but now since asaram crimes  were made public by victims of asaram, all educated people who were helping asaram to hide his crimes have left asaram and  are speaking the truth of asaram, the way it is.

Clear cut murders of small children done by Asaram bapu & his son narayan sindhi was described as under investigation but  never an investigation done. As per Mr. Vaghela, There are picture available that heads of children were shaven for tantrik  pooja, and police did found pooja materials but instead of doing thorough investigation CID said it was pooja stuff. Not sure in tantrik pooja police was looking for guns & bombs. Asaram is sitting on so many properties of people who are  deceived by asaram, court even ordered asaram to vacate those properties but asaram still has those properties.
so many parents begging in courts and went on to ask for help to Modi that please help us save life of our children form  asaram as asaram is making them Hindu terrorist and teaching them that a person should kill their parents for the order of  Asaram. But asaram exploiting young children by keeping them in his ashrams and brainwashing them that Asaram is supreme
power and  GOD., whereas asaram is hard core criminal, rapist, murdered who has support of fascist Modi and BJP who helps  asaram to not  to go jail.

If Modi as CM couldn’t help victims who are even asking for help in courts, all over media to save their assets and their life and their families from criminal & terrorist asaram then he has no right to be CM forget about dreaming even in politics.  If Indian courts can’t do justice then we demand international human rights organizations should get involve as  congress is unable to put a stop on Asaram Bapu’s criminal ashrams because of fear from BJP’s dirty political tactics.

Parents are sad to see thier son/daughter being manipulated to see asaram as thier god as saidf by one of the follower on  LIVE TV, he is still manipulated to not to leave asaram ashram even after his mother begged to Modi & asaram live on TV, that  please send my son back to his home. But these criminals made threats to fmailies of insiders.

if Muslims can’t get justice of 3,000 murders of Muslims in India as whole community then imagine how poor people whose  son/daughters are murdered in front of their eyes by asaram will get justice. published photocopies of some of court document which are filed against asaram, in which he has used terror

against innocent people who have lost their assets to asaram terror and are unable to save their kins from becoming terrorist in asaram ashrams. A father can’t save his daughter and she was raped 700 times in ashram over 7 years. An ex army men was able to fight for India and save India but he couldn’t save his own son from asaram, he has filed FIR. Another case in which ex employee of asaram who was brainwashed to work in ashram as sadhak when tried to run away asaram filed an FIR against him and said in FIR that he belongs to Muslim terrorist group and when he was leaving ashram he had sexually abused another female sadhak who is still in asaram ashram.

Vaid Amrut Bhai when orders milk of 200 ml for a person who is living in ashram without any milk for 10 years then Amrut Bhai was accused, as asaram doesn’t want people living in ashram to drink milk ever so they can ever think and they should become mentally challenged and without thinking pray asaram as their messiah GOD. Imagine asaram grabbed even ove 180 properties as gau shala (cow home), but thre is no cow and people living in ashram are used slaves under psychological manipulation and are

not given a drop of MILK for 10-20 years. It’s a human rights violation. Each individual who is living and working in ashram are living under because when he/she want to leave  they are told superstitious stories and are made to slog for more years.

They made to break mentally break so they can work for asaram.  All of these people were called in ashram to work as a job,  but, when person is brainwashed and has started performing in ashram  then job is made into a volutnary work. so many poor  people who came out of manipulations of ashram and have filed for the work they have done in ashram for years. Imagine even if Rs.20,000 per month his salary is Rs 2 lak forty thousand and if someone worked 10 years asaram is holding twenty four lakh  rupees of the worker in ashram. So asaram uses every trick i the book to harras ex workers ot to file for the salaries in  court, and don’t let the person leave ashram.  Asaram uses room#304 on 3rd floor to beat people for days when they want to  leave ashram.

Modi had called Mr.Vaghela (father of murdered children in Ahemedabad) to his office and told him he will ensure that asaram  will get arrested but he must break his fast and let the inquiry happen, but never an inquiry happened and authorities helped  to clean evidence of murderers done by Asaram & his son narayan. This can’t happen if modi didn’t ordere and police was not  under pressure.

ASARAM BAPU and his son NARAYAN are ::
A RAPIST – Charges were made live on TV, by females to whom asaram tried to poison later.
A PEDOPHILE (HAD SEX WITH A CHILD) – Narayan & asaram open their pants and touch genitals of children
AN ASSASSIN – Asaram has ordered number of murders including the Rani in Chindwara.
A MASS MURDERER – When Ahemedabad public was opposing Modi for not taking any action against asaram then asaram ordered on Microphone to everyone in ashram – kute aaye hai bahar maar dalo sab ko, besides this Jodhpur ashram owner was saved  by her devotees and caught asaram goons with talwars.
A RUTHLESS TORTURER – Parents of so many families are begging for their kins back from asaram ashram, a father even went to do saucier because his son was not sent back to his home when his wife died just waiting to be released form asaram ashram.
A TERRORIST – asaram said on TV/ in his speeches / in his propaganda what he did by flyers he sent to his followers clearly says QUOTES by asaram “People who are putting allegations on me belong to Muslim terrorists group and are paid by Christian Missionaries “.  He had no respect for any religion, just to hide his own crimes he wanted to start communal violence.
A LECHER –  As said on TV
A MISOGYNIST – As pointed out by all of his ex followers
A NARCISSIST –  He is still is NARCISSIST, because his brain is always in sex and looting, so his brain is damaged.
A THIEF AND PLU – So many court cases –  35 are listed on  A property he is sitting on saying this is his  instead he has forged every signature in all of his ashrams.

So Modi who is right hand man of asaram is thinking of becoming leader of ?
If Muslims were really murdered, if there are people who are loosing their children to asaram cult under superstition and families are being tortured, then both Modi & Asaram should be beaten by chappals and let the souls of people can rest in peace. Jaan se maar kar yeh kute aur logo ko bewakoof bana rahe hain.

January 14, 2009

on Lohri asaram bus was burnt and it was sign that people want to burn evil asaram

રિક્ષાને અડફેટે લેનાર આસારામ આશ્રમની બસ સળગાવી દેવાઈ

asaram bus burnt as killer asaram is still out of jail

asaram bus burnt as killer asaram is still out of jail





સ્કૂલરિક્ષાને ટક્કર મારતાં ત્રણ બાળકો ઘાયલ : સાધક કરમચંદ શર્માની ધરપકડ

સાબરમતી પાસેના ચીમનભાઈ ઓવરબ્રિજ ખાતે આસારામ આશ્રમની લકઝરી બસે એક

સ્કૂલ ઓટોરિક્ષાને ચગદી નાખતાં રોષે ભરાયેલા લોકોએ બસને આગ ચાંપી દીધી હતી.

લોકોનો રોષ જોઈને બસનો ચાલક અને આસારામનો સાધક કરમચંદ ભોપાલારામ શર્મા નાસી છૂટયા હતા, જો કે પાછળથી સાબરમતી પોલીસે તેની ધરપકડ કરી હતી. અકસ્માત સમયે સ્કૂલ ઓટોમાં ૬ બાળકો બેઠાં હતાં. જે પૈકીના ત્રણ ઘાયલ થતાં તેમને હોસ્પિટલમાં ખસેડાયાં હતાં.



ઘટનાની હકીકત એવી છે કે ગત તા.૧૧મી જાન્યુઆરીથી મોટેરા ખાતેના આસારામ આશ્રમમાં શિબિર ચાલી રહી છે. બહારગામથી હજારોની સંખ્યામાં ભકતો આવતા હોવાથી આશ્રમમાં છેલ્લાં ૧૨ વર્ષથી સાધક તરીકે રહેતો અને પાંચેક વર્ષથી આશ્રમની બસ ચલાવતો કરમચંદ ભોપાલારામ શર્મા (મૂળ રહે: ઉડસાઈ, હિમાચલ પ્રદેશ) બસ લઈને એસ.ટી. અને રેલવેસ્ટેશને ઊતરતાં સાધકોને લેવા માટે મંગળવારે સવારે આશ્રમેથી નીકળ્યો હતો.

લગભગ સાડાસાત વાગ્યાના અરસામાં તે ચીમનભાઈ ઓવરબ્રિજ ઊતરી રહ્યો હતો ત્યારે તેણે બસ પરનો કાબૂ ગુમાવ્યો હતો અને આગળ જતી એક સ્કૂલરિક્ષાને અડફેટે લીધી હતી. ટક્કર એટલી જોરદાર હતી કે સ્કૂલરિક્ષા બસના આગળના ભાગે ફસાઈ બસની સાથે છેક બ્રિજના છેડા સુધી ઢસડાઈ હતી. રિક્ષામાંથી બાળકોની ચીસો સાંભળીને રાહદારીઓ રોકાઈ ગયા હતા અને રિક્ષામાંથી ત્રણ સગાં ભાઈ-બહેનો પાયલ ભરત બારોટ ( ઉં.વ. ૯), ખુશી (ઉં.વ.૭) અને રાહુલ (ઉં.વ. ૫)ને લોહીલુહાણ હાલતમાં સારવાર માટે શાહીબાગ ખાતની કોઠારી હોસ્પિટલમાં ખસેડયા હતા.

બીજી બાજુ સ્થળ પર લોકો એકત્ર થતાં પરિસ્થિતિ તંગ બની ગઈ હતી. હજી તાજેતરમાં જ આશ્રમમાં રહેતા માસૂમ ભાઈઓ દીપેશ અને અભિષેકનાં રહસ્યમય મોતનો કિસ્સો યાદ આવી જતાં લોકોમાં રોષ ભભૂકી ઊઠયો હતો અને તેમણે આસારામની બસને આગ ચાંપી દીધી હતી.

આસારામની બસ સળગાવી દેવામાં આવી છે તેવા સમાચાર કંટ્રોલરૂમ પરથી પ્રસારિત થતાં શહેર પોલીસ કમિશનર ઓ.પી. માથુર, ડીસીપી એસ.એમ. કટારા સહિતના ઉચ્ચ પોલીસ અધિકારીઓ સ્થળ પર ધસી આવ્યા હતા અને સ્થિતિ અંકુશ હેઠળ લીધી હતી. સ્થિતિ વણસે નહીં તે માટે અડાલજ પોલીસે આસારામ આશ્રમ પર બંદોબસ્ત ગોઠવી દીધો હતો.

સ્કૂલરિક્ષાના ચાલક જિતેશકુમાર વસંતલાલ મિસ્ત્રી (ઉં.વ. ૨૮, રહે: મુકેશ રોહાઉસ, બાપુનગર)એ આ બાબતે સાબરમતી પોલીસ મથકે ફરિયાદ નોંધાવતાબસના ચાલક કરમચંદ શર્માની ધરપકડ કરાઇ છે. સાબરમતીના ઇન્સ્પેકટર મૌલેશ જોશીએ જણાવ્યું હતું કે, બસને આગ લગાડનાર ટોળા સામે બસના ચાલક કરમચંદ શર્માએ પણ ફરિયાદ આપતાં તેમની પણ ધરપકડનાં ચક્રો ગતિમાન કરાયાં છે.

એકસલ તૂટી હોવાનો મને ખ્યાલ નથી : રિક્ષાચાલક જિતેશભાઈ

જિતેશભાઈએ જણાવ્યું હતું કે, તે નારણપુરા ખાતેની મીરામ્બિકા સ્કૂલનાં બાળકો માટે સ્કૂલવધa રિક્ષા હંકારે છે. મંગળવારે સવારે તે શાહપુર દરવાજા બહાર રહેતા ભરતભાઈ બારોટનાં બાળકો- ૪થા ધોરણમાં ભણતી પાયલ, બીજા ધોરણમાં ભણતી ખૂશી અને ૧લા ધોરણમાં ભણતા રાહુલ-ને લઈને શાહીબાગ આવ્યો હતો. ત્યાંથી તેણે કપાલી અને પરલીને લીધાં હતાં. ત્યારબાદ તે ધર્મનગર ગયો હતો અને મંથનને લીધો હતો. તે પછી તે નવાવાડજમાં જયનમ અને રિયાને લઈને મીરામ્બિકા સ્કૂલે જવાનો હતો, પરંતુ ચીમનભાઈ બ્રિજ ઊતરતો હતો ત્યારે પાછળના ભાગેથી તેને જોરદાર ધડાકો સંભળાયો હતો. તેણે કહ્યું હતું કે રિક્ષાની એકસલ તૂટી હોવાનો તેને ખ્યાલ નથી.

રિક્ષાની એકસલ તૂટી જતાં બસમાં આવી ગઈ

બસચાલક કરમચંદે તેની ફરિયાદમાં જણાવ્યું છે કે તેની બસની આગળ એસ.ટી. બસ હતી. રિક્ષાના આગળના વ્હીલની એકસલ નીકળી જતાં તે ડાબી બાજુ ખેંચાઈ હતી અને બસમાં આવી ગઈ હતી.

બસને બહારથી આગ લગાડાઈ : એફએસએલ

એફએસએલનાં સૂત્રોએ જણાવ્યું હતું કે, બસને બહારના ભાગેથી આગ લગાડવામાં આવી છે. આગ બસમાં એન્જિનના ભાગેથી નથી લાગી. આ આગ લગાડાઈ છે. પરિક્ષણ બાદ કયું જલદ્ પ્રવાહી વપરાયું છે તે સ્પષ્ટ થશે.

January 13, 2009

On Lohri Asaram ashram bus hit auto carrying school children and then driver tried to do goondagurdi

Today on lohri day in India in ahmedabad On Lohri Asaram ashram bus hit auto carrying school children and then driver tried to do goondagurdi but because there were number of people came to rescue auto driver.  Then people burnt the bus of  haramkhor asaram bapu.

Kuta Asaram is making fool of people who live abroad because they don’t get the news of asaram’s criminal activities.   Same way inside ashram thousands of people who are working as slaves are told asaram version of incident instead of facts.   Kamina asaram has support of criminal’s in gujarat government who are puppets in Modi government.

It’s a shame that murderers and people who help murders of children are in parliament. Fact is they come in power with money, muscles and religious exploitation.  This is why any IAS or IPS officer will not take this shit from Modi and people have left their IAS , IPS jobs.   Those people love India but they don’t want to be a part of government who helps murderes rapist in the name of religion. Kuta  Asaram has done 781 murders so far in all of his ashrams all over india.

In a hit and run case, a bus of Asharam Ashram hit an auto rickshaw carrying school children today morning. The accident took place near Subhash Bridge circle at 8 AM.

An angry crowd set the bus afire while the driver of the bus ran away. The diesel from the bus was spilled as far as 50 meters.

The fire brigade was called and the fire brought under control. As a result the traffic was blocked for sometime. This shows the resentment of the crowd over Asharam Bapu, who was in the news for the mystery deaths of 2 children from his Ashram.

Kuta Asaram Bapu MURDERED one more man from Jharkand in ahmedabad

Bastard Asaram bapu ordered and then murdered one more person in second week of new year in 2009.

here is the link in sandesh newspaper.

આસારામના મોટેરા આશ્રમમાં ઝારખંડનાં શિબિરાર્થીનું મોત

this new story  is sent by an in mate who is still with asaram but knows all of the frauds as he has worked for asaram for 22 years but now after 22 years he has realized that asaram is not bhagwaan, rather asaram is a criminal who poses as god to ashram inmates and gives superstitious fears to people who are living in ashram.
Why do we call him bastard because we know him, we know who in government has helped him to hide his crimes.
Rapist Asaram did his ram lila nautanki in Ahemedabad, where a person who had came from jharkand to get his friend out form the cult of asaram. But gunda’s of criminal asaram bapu came to know that they will loose one of their worker so they murdered him. Asaram said that the person died due to cold whereas Jharkand has much more cold than in Ahemedabad and person from jharkand was well equipped for cold if there would have been cold. Because chutia asaram bapu thinks it’s cold season and people from North India will buy this story that he died due to cold as in north India it is cold season. In India it’s so common now to do murder and then get away but asaram so far has committed over 781 murders and all have been closed just because of pressure from politicians who do politics on Hindu religion. It’s not ok to murder people, but asaram besides murder asaram has sex with dead bodies this why in so many cases asaram even had the dead bodies brought to his ashram. Asaram calls it a tantra sadhna.  Asaram’s son narayan was seducing a female whop had joined under illusion, but was forced to have with him, but while narayan was in vatika playing krishan with one of the victim he heard that one villager has died in nearby village. This girl was saved because narayan said tonight is the night i will do sadhna with dead body.  Narayan told his sadhaks that bring the dead body to me i will try to get the life in the dead body. Villagers brought the dead body, narayan closed the room then had sex with dead body, but one villager saw this he brought more villagers to ashram as he was angry at this un humane kriya.  Villagers gathered and while they planned to attack narayan, Narayan ran to Katmandu with 3 of his brainwashed fanatics.   One of the person who witnessed this whole incident is available and hates asaram.  Why people who know asaram hates him and then left his so called ashrams, because once inside people see the real face of asaram and how un humane criminal he is.  He is worst than Ghajini who not only have sex with under aged females rather has sex with male devotees too.

Kuta Asaram still has all those properties which are owned by innocent helpless people.
Asaram still has all those children whose parents begged in media to release their sons/daughters.
Asaram still denying he has not taken even a inch of any property whereas asaram has 47,000 Crores of properties under his kabza.
Asaram still denying to send witnesses to Narco for abhishek vaghela & cousin’s murder inquiry
Narayan is still out loose and seducing young  male/females

What asaram is doing-
To hide his criminal activities bastard asaram had said to all his follower, parents who are alleging their kids are with me are lying and they belong to Muslim community and paid by missionaries. Asaram is a terrorist because by malign statements like these he wanted to break communal harmony. when asaram did Vaghela ‘s murder then He tried to save his ass by saying  this is sajish like aarushi murder that media is blaming on me, (asaram is so neech jaati that he was trying to gain advantage of sympathy Indians had for a young soul who was brutally murdered)then later there was disputes in Orrisa with in a mandir and church so asaram tried to cash it by saying people who protested against him are paid by missionaries. Then later mumbai blast happened and then asaram filed a FIR against one of ex worker saying he belongs to terrorist group. All victims of asaram are Hindu and whereas people who have been brainwashed to work in ashram were once told you are here as employee, don’t worry because we get cash donations so you will be paid cash. But after months and months of work you are so much drained that you are told now if you leave we will kill your family.

Instead inquiry of even FIR’s filed against asaram, because of corrupt politicians asaram  either murders his victims or he files cases against them.  Asaram also defame his victims by posting videos against them on you tube. Asaram does so many low level harkats entire day that if you see his photo you will see a criminal who is still out on loose posing under disguise of religion.   Parents of victims whose kids are brainwashed are scattered all over India and now as asaram cult is about to be closed forever asaram getting more desperate to keep his criminal activities by doing more crimes.

Instead of blaming it on Pakistan and other religions if India can fix it’s own criminals who are out on loose like asaram who  blames other religions to his their crimes then world will become peaceful.  Criminal like asaram uses our religion and destroying the families, it will be sin to let asaram loose even for a second.

Asaram should be arrested and investigated along with his son narayan and all corrupt officials who have helped him so far, whole list of apx 700 people who have benefited from crimes of asaram is available.  They pose as samiiti members who organizes asaram nautanki.  As per a inmate who just ran out of asaram ashram says he saw so many expired food products packaged in bottles and being sold by asaram because since last six months people have stopped buying products sold by asaram so the quantity is lying in number of warehouses of asaram which has expired. After taking medicines from asaram ashram now there will lot of people who will die because of expired products. besides this asaram has also planned a mass murder inside ashram where he plans to kill people when police will arrive to arrest him.

Asaram tries to hide his crimes by pointing fingers on his ex victims who saved their life from his cult.  One asaram never let go the brainwashed fanatics go back to their homes back  this is why parents are waiting for years, as they were told they are going for job in ashram for which they will get paid, then they are there for year and have not sent any salary then now their own life is in danger because asaram doesn’t want them to leave as they will reveal asaram’s crimes to public.

January 7, 2009

Asaram bapu drinks blood after murdering and have sex with dead bodies too

Asaram bapu has taught his son narauan how to kill then have sex with dead bodies. he calls this ritual sadhna, when u do more sadhna you get more rich. In the process keep killing people and send our brainwashed followers to kill others who try to bring the truth out.  Blame everything is done by SIMI , pakistan  terrorists, oh now he started saying it’s done by christian missionaries.   These exact statements are made by asaram about simi and christians.   I wonder what SIMI or christians have to do with victims who are murdered by asaram, and three  murders he has ordered  in 2009 , it’s just 8th january today and asaram started this year with three murders. Guess what to hide murderes whose help asaram is taking == people who work for police department  administration in government.    These people are brainwashed by asaram and are under illusion that asaram is god but they work for the government and they have the power to misuuse powers. I wonder what educated IPS and IAS oficers are doing ?  We gave power of goernment to politicians but when i spoke to an IPS officer, he said we know asaram is corrupt whole department knows it, but we work for the gujarat givernment and i am doing job for the government so how can i go against my employer wishes.   What ?  really   it’s sad and sickening that asaram is allowed to murder people and still roaming free. Police didn’t even started the inquiry ….  Highcourt now ordered police to do their job and start inquiry.

Thug Asaram kuta has become pagal as his criminal activities are going public he is becoming more psychotic. Asaram should have been put in jail years ago for his crimes and murders he has done for years. Each of his ashrams are grabbed by force of innocent people who came under disguise of religion. Asaram blaming media and victims families for his durdasha now. Asaram is pathetic that he is abusing people who are asking for their land, their sons, their daughters back from his cult. Asaram made videos against people who speak the truth of him and bring his dark face and black crimes under white clothes. Asaram has so much black under the white that he even now made videos of victim girls who are willing to testify and told the real horror tales of ashram and how asaram seduces young brains inside ashram and take them away from their families to become goonda for his criminal network. Newspaper or TV only report when a 0 Victim approaches media with their horror life story because they are not getting justice in the legal system as asaram has disguised under the blanket of religion. asaram is not dharmik rather he is using Hinduism and giving our hindu region a bad name. In our hindu culture mata pita ki sewa is a dharma but asaram is thick skin when parents approach asaram to give their hand over their daughter back then asaram had the daughter file a police report against his own father. So many parents are still wondering what happened to their son/daughter in asaram ashram why asaram has not sent them back as they were told they are hired by the ashram as an employee but now asaram converted them as slaves to work for free, he even made them sign blank papers to sign over their assets to them which they are not part of as parents have taken all rights away from children to give away to asaram.

This ashram was listed on this site three months ago as asaram had full knowledge of this ashram when he had sent three gunmens to take over this ashram of aam wale baba. How a father of a 21 yr old son can fight to get his son out of asaram ashram when asaram has so many illiterate people following asaram under illusion. Some one elses son fights when one father tries to get his son out of asaram cult. We demand all asaram ashrams to be seized . All asaram properties should be taken over by government and given to NGO who are working under law. Asaram’s gun licenses to be cancelled. CBI should should watch asaram ashram and how 29,000 crores of cash is stashed in ashrams. Asaram has forged registry of 227 private houses in mumbai, asaram has taken over 337 homes in Delhi, asaram has over 1734 houses under his control and real owners whose family got involved with asaram as sadhak are now forced out of their homes, because asaram has forged registry of the houses owned by them. Asaram has some follower in police and in administration department who blindly take his orders and murder people who cry out loud after being raped by asaram.

What real hindu’s and guru’s are doing ? watching asaram to ruin our hindu culture ?
Asaram is a dark spot on Hinduism. Asaram is criminal who has been 
Asaram is behaving like Pakistan, Asaram still holding hostages in his ashram but he is denying. asaram is still sitting on the property which is owned by other but he is denying. Asaram still has the children of people who filed cases against asaram that he has taken their child away but asaram is denying. If government can’t get the truth from asaram then how can government think of fighting with Pakistan in the name of religion. Here a criminal killing Hindus in India and is roaming free under the disguise of religion and government is hoping to get criminals from Pakistan ? We request government to look in to this seriously as asaram is planning a mass murder now in his ashram to be blaming on Muslims and Christian missionaries, like he has blamed from last 4-5 months in all of his literature and videos he has posted to defame victims. Victims of asaram are victims of asaram and they are Hindus, they are blaming asaram. Asaram should be arrested for his heinous crimes, other wise our hindu religion is going down. Asaram will not stop his criminal activities and there are thousands and thousands of people are already his victims who are slowly slowly getting in their sense after abuse of years. it takes time for people to recover from the abuse they have beared in asaram ashram for years. Asaram ashram’s are like madrasa which are used by terrorists. Not all madrasa are owned by terrorist but all asaram ashram has thousands of victims brainwashed to die in the name of religion. Shame on Modi as he not only killed Muslims but helped asaram to kill Hindus also.   Day by day asaram has gone desperate to save his cult from being going down, but as history has it, people who become greedy and kill innocents do go down now matter who they were. but this time our hindu religion has been defamed due to criminal activities of asaram. 
What asaram is denying ? He doesn’t have the property which people have filed cases against him ? – Asaram still is sitting on those properties and his innocent sadhaks are used as terrorists to terrorize real owners.
What asaram is denying? he has not done murders = there are real witnesses of his murderers to who is buying these days by paying lakhs of rupees, but there are still so many ready to speak as witness if CBI takes over the case, as victims are not getting justice under Modi government and asaram has his brainwashed fanatic followers in CID who don’t even try to open the case and read the complaints against asaram , so how can victims will ever get justice ?
What asaram is denying – Asaram is not holding son/daughters of parents who filed cases against him – There are number of children who are missing, as told by insider they are murdered in ashram and no one knows, some who were located are still being used as slave and are not with their families. so what he is denying ?

What asaram is saying —-> SIMI Muslims and Christian missionaries have done propaganda to defame him …. Asaram is anti Indian, he doesn’t belive in religion rather, by making these statements in all of his preaching and in his pamphlets he sent to his followers he displayed that he is willing to have inter faith fight. he wants to disrupt peace of people by adding communal riots. We as hindu know Muslims have nothing to do with asaram or his victims rather Muslims and Christians Sentiments are hurt when asaram said statement like these to save his own criminal activities. these statements can be verified in all of his literatures in last 3 months and videos he has posted. Or it can be verified with any of his followers who have attended any of his meetings in last three months since asarams criminal activities came in limelight. Asaram want to disrupt peace of communal harmony just to save his black face. Asaram himself has done propaganda to disrupt communal harmony, he even filed an FIR claiming his ex follower have joined in Muslim Terrorists whereas people he filed FIR against don’t even have money to fight case against asaram as they have wasted 5-30 years inside asaram ashram under illusion.

We hindu’s need to unite and look with open eyes and think for a change rather just to have blind faith in a criminal who has disguised under the religion blanket. Asaram is using young children now under the age of 10 and made his videos to promote him. In all of those videos young child who has not even seen the world yet, has been made to praise asaram like he asaram has saved him from some sin. What a sin a child of 5 years old can do that he has to sing for asaram ? the only fault is that parents of that child are fanatic follower of asaram and they are not aware how many role models asaram has in ashram whose parents had dreams for their child but asaram ruined their life and made them slave to work in his ashram.  

Asaram should be hanged to death number of times the times he has raped young child. If asaram is hanged to death one time for one rape then asaram can’t have next 27,000 lives. so far we counted around 1,798 women were raped about 27,000 times by asaram, his son narayan and some of the politician friends of asaram. Murder, rape, drug abuse all is common in asaram ashram , and all cash stacked bundles are in hawala market which can be verified by any of the jeweler or builder in any city of India. Estimated asaram now has taken control of  47 thousand crores worth of properties & assetts , and not to mention all by forgery and sending his criminal goondas by murdering people. after control of property then asaram sends innocent sadhaks to take care of that property as ashram and seduce more people their for the illusion. 

People who have lost their childrens in his cult are clueless what to do.    Hopefully god will do justice soon.

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