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January 13, 2009

On Lohri Asaram ashram bus hit auto carrying school children and then driver tried to do goondagurdi

Today on lohri day in India in ahmedabad On Lohri Asaram ashram bus hit auto carrying school children and then driver tried to do goondagurdi but because there were number of people came to rescue auto driver.  Then people burnt the bus of  haramkhor asaram bapu.

Kuta Asaram is making fool of people who live abroad because they don’t get the news of asaram’s criminal activities.   Same way inside ashram thousands of people who are working as slaves are told asaram version of incident instead of facts.   Kamina asaram has support of criminal’s in gujarat government who are puppets in Modi government.

It’s a shame that murderers and people who help murders of children are in parliament. Fact is they come in power with money, muscles and religious exploitation.  This is why any IAS or IPS officer will not take this shit from Modi and people have left their IAS , IPS jobs.   Those people love India but they don’t want to be a part of government who helps murderes rapist in the name of religion. Kuta  Asaram has done 781 murders so far in all of his ashrams all over india.

In a hit and run case, a bus of Asharam Ashram hit an auto rickshaw carrying school children today morning. The accident took place near Subhash Bridge circle at 8 AM.

An angry crowd set the bus afire while the driver of the bus ran away. The diesel from the bus was spilled as far as 50 meters.

The fire brigade was called and the fire brought under control. As a result the traffic was blocked for sometime. This shows the resentment of the crowd over Asharam Bapu, who was in the news for the mystery deaths of 2 children from his Ashram.


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