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April 18, 2009

Asaram bapu failed to hide crimes behind Sri Sri Ravishankar Isckon Osho Saibaba Shankaracharya names

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Asaram bapu failed to hide his crimes even though trying to compare himself by Isckon Sri Sri Ravishankar Ramdev

Asaram tried to maniuplate his vicitims of manipulations that don’t worry my crimes are not my crimes this is sazish by Christina missionaries, then he started saying sazish from Muslim terrorrists, people from America etc etc.

Then asaram started comparing his crimes history with Ramdev, Isckon, Satya Saibaba, Osho, Amarnath, Sudhanshu maharaj,Shirdi sai baba, Brahm kumari’s stating people put alegations like these on them too.

We contacted each of them and this is what their spokesperson or thier members had to say.  After this we contacted some of the followers and they were saying same things.

Asaram fanantic follower who handles his cash said we know Sudhanshu maharaj has two wifes, he got married 3 yrs ago again, and why people are only blaming asaram son to have more than one wifes. 

Asaram ashram worker said Iskcon copied our dress code to their tmeples, asaram used to give mala in bag first but now iskcon started giving. Iskcon follower laughed and said not sure why asaram bringing other peoples names to his crimes, murders. Asaram crimes ar ehis own rimes, we are not part of his network, so if he want’s to and his son wants to pretend like krishna to innocent religious people then it’s a shame, and we condemn it. For us our God is krishna and we believe anyone tellign people that he is avatar of kirshan is making a fool of people.

Ramdev disciple said Ramdev & asaram style of working are two poles apart. Ramdev pays on time to his workers though he pays less amount but asaram doesn’t pay to nnumber of his employees. 

An insider who just saved his life from asaram ashram by fleeing, as he was not allowed to go out of ashram said, from September Asaram bapu keep on teahcing us inside that allegations on me are just a sazish, but osho was thrown out of the country, so don’t worry about allegations.

In asaram propaganda material which he sends out to his outside followers compared asaram bapu crimes with amarnath controversy. We really wonder isn’t amarnath a shrine ? Since when asaram becomae krishna &  amarnath ?


Asaram daughter bharti told women victims of asaram that Brahmkumari’s was also criticized like my father did. So you need not worry. Spending one minute with bapu ji is like meeting God, and aur agar guru ki kripa hui to woh tumhe apni kutiya mein bla lenge. Jub tum unki kutiya mein jana to bas apna sab kuch nyochawar kar dena, kyoonki yehi waqt hai tumhare pass bapu ko dikhane ka ki tum bhagwaan se kitna pyaar karti ho.  (Bharti daughter of asaram said may be guru will do favor to you if he calls you alone in ekaantwass, if he does calls you then bharti said to female that at that time this is the only moment you have in your life to give bapu ji your body, heart,money & everything).  Being a women the best gift you can give is your body so offer first your body, if he likes it then he will put you in his arms.  Giving your body to bapu Ji is like giving yourself to god and having god next to you, after this moment you need to ensure no one touches your body as you belong to bapu ji.




One Mukesh who fled from asaram attrocity sent an email and said it was in shukartal where children are brought so thier paretns can be brainwashed.


In his satsangs he started saying bodh dharam ke log murkh hain, nange pair nahin chala jata, pahle kachi raste hoti thi ab paki sadak honi chahiye.

Osho – sambhog se samadhi hoti to sabse pahle bakre ke lagni chaiye this, kyoonki bakra karta hai, suer ki honi chahiye thi, mithya hai , gumra h kiya, mere ashram wasi khabardaar , jo osho ka saihitya pade.  Osho sara waqt sambhog karo sambhog karo bakta tha.

jo ashramwasi chanakya niti padte hain woh barbd ho gaya, eik raja ko bhadka kar yudh kara diya.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar staff sent a note stating Sri Sri Ravishankar has condemned the way of asaram working style. His working is totally differnt than ours. Asaram crimes are his crimes and not sure why is he taking other people names.  if murder has happend it was in his ashram. if there are cases then they are on him form victims. if paretns are dead then we are sorry but asaram should have had human values. Working in ashram to sell books on bookstall is not important than to help your dying paretns in hospital. We condemn this.


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