Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

December 5, 2009

On 5th dec 09 Three bullets from revolver ordered by Asaram bapu shot on Raju exinmate sex exposer of asaram ashram

Raju bhai had just exposed sexual exploitation by asaram bapu himself to Trivedi commission. since then Raju bhai had received threats from asaram & asaram was defaming raju on his TV chanel calle A2Z from last 15-20 days continuously so Raju will stop exposing more secrets of asaram ashram which he witnessed from years. But when you treat someone as god you are blinded as is treated by lot of inmates even now in asaram ashram. most of them inside are given fear if you leave ashram you will go to hell or you will meet accident or your bhakti will go waste.

Asaram bapu conspired to murder RAJU & ordered his goons to murder his ex slave. method choosen for murdering Raju bhai was by bullets. 2 people ordered by asaram bapu shot Raju bhai today on Dec.5 2009 at around 10 pm when he returned from his work at his home in Ahmedabad.  Raju bhai had worked in asaram bapu ashram for over 20 years. Once Mr. Raju saw asaram is molesting girls & exploiting children then he left ashram & started his small business. Once out Mr. Raju has helped number of inmates who were living life of a slaves in asaram ashram to flee from asaram ashram. Last year Asaram had sent two men & one women posing as victim of asaram  & young women claimed she is sexually exploited by asaram bapu himself, then Raju told her he will help her as much as he can but Raju wasn’t aware that this women is sent by asaram himself to make hidden video of him. Asaram bapu played that video just last two weeks continuously on his channel A2Z channel saying saazish ka pardafaash where asaram deleted lot of portion from that video & played partial video in which Raju was giving confidence to that so called sexually exploited victim sent by asaram himself. A2Z channel permission should be investigated as this channel is opened by asaram to spread hatered for people who flee from his criminal network.
Raju had explicitedly gave his written statement in font of Trivedi commission which was single handedly investigating  murder of to kids Dipesh & Abhishek vaghela. In his statement Raju had clearly narrated all kinds of sexual encounters exploitations done by asaram in his ashram & number of murders done in his ashram. Since then Raju has been receiving threats from asaram & even asaram called him to threaten him personally couple of times that he shouldn’t say anything to media or police but Raju said on his death bead he  will do whatever it takes to save lives of people from the greed of asaram for money.
Mr. Mahender Chawla who worked with asaram & co under illusion as created by asaram that he is god for over 7  years, he also fled asaram ashram created for his son narayan (womaniser, murderer, tantrik) & saved his life. But asaram son narayan called & threatened to kill him in Panipat at his house. Audio recording of this threatening call was submitted to the police but due to corruption in police dept. no action has been taken as yet.
Mr. Mahender Chawla filed a FIR against asaram son narayan for threaten to kill with police under
FIR no. 1/206/2008 virar, district Thane. Panipat SP office complaint – cp – spr 2380/2008 in Panipat, but police is sleeping with these complaints & pressuring Mr. Mahender to do compromise with asaram by taking 2-3 lakh rupees. Asaram has been keeping track of Mr. Mahender Chawla’s movement where he goes what time he comes home etc. Police has not provided nay security as yet to Mr. Mahender.
Asaram has murdered number of people in his ashram & these people like Raju, Mr Mahender all are witness of brutalities done in asaram ashram & were willing to go for Narco if required by authorities & want also Narco test to be done one on asaram & his son narayan.
None of the parents mother/ father who pleaded on nation TV has not received thier children back from asaram even after 15 years rather asaram guided some of them to go to Trivedi commission to give affidavit that he is working for asaram at his own will & he doesn’t care about his aged mother. They were given fear if you leave ashram & go back home then you bhakti will go waste which you have done for years.
CBI investigation has been demanded in the murder of vaghela’s children as this investigation has not even been started as yet in proper way as told by judge who have stay order on 7 inmates of asaram ashram.
It’s curruption in Government office that asaram his son narayan daughter bharti are still out of jail & are spreading their terror & victimising people in ashram from years.
As of now three bullets are still inside Raju bhai body, we hope he survives. By murdering Raju asaram wanted to send a message to ex inmates if you don’t stop exposing inside of ashram then you will be killed. asaram has killed number of ex inmates of which witnesses are willing to go for narco & give proofs as soon as CBI takes over this case. If corruption in India can’t be stopped then criminals will keep posing them self as God’s as innocent public will be keep on getting murdered.

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