Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

Victims list of asaram

This blog brings the real news of asaram as it is published in newspapers or TV chanels. New stories or victims stories may be added by the editor. Feel free to add your story if you have a published story. Thanks.

Victims we came to know so far from news in papers & TV.

Chindwara – Raja ji – He is still waiting for his land.

Amrut prajapati – An on going case is filed in court still pending, but his supari was given to aghori for murder along with 5 other people. He says he was kept in illusion to work for free for 18 yrs of his life.

Ms. Avin Verma – still scared and afraid of Asaram that she may get murdered, but still waiting for an open interview with narayan sindhi who used to call himself as GOD. She said she want to expose narayan as she is deeply hurt by emotional & physical abuse by narayan. She named three more girl’s who are out & are ready to speak. She explained us the whole process narayan uses to brainwash & sexually exploit women in ashram. So far we have tried contacting asaram & his son but we get harrased. Ms. Avin seems to be very confident person who is ashamed when it comes to her experience with narayan but get’s angry as it was not her fault that she got abused and was in company of sexual predators. She called narayan a cheap pimp who will sell his wife to get money. She called narayan a bhogeshwar instead as cleaimed by narayan as yogeshwar she said. She said narayan’s ashrams are worst than whorehouse. (as said by Ms. Avin) we will write in details about her experiences soon.

Ajay Sharma – still not sent back to his home from Ahmedbad ashram. Ajay’s mother is still waiting for asaram to send her son back from last 14 yrs. Asaram had shown him on aajtak so mother & son can fight & asaram can take advantage of ajay. (as said by Ajay’s widowed mother.) After TV interview ajay is not allowed to talk, we tried calling & contacting but ashram didn’t allowed us to talk & ajay is still working with a goal one day asaram will take him to swarglok. He is taught to live in  previous & future life, but asaram himself lives for the present moment in this life. So asaram needs to enjoy this life but Ajay needs to work for asaram in this life so his next life will be good. We have been told by inmates of ashram that Ajay wants to leave ashram but asaram brainwashes him again to stay in ashram & forget about his widowed mother. Childrens studying in gurukul will become Ajay & they will told to leave thier families to promote asaram like ajay did for 14 years. This is jail for anyone where you are manipulated to leave your family & work for asaram.  We have promised to Ajay’s mother today on 2nd sept. that we will bring ajay back to her within this month of september. We are planning for demonstrations outside of asaram ashram in Delhi & Ahmedbad to leave ajay alone so he can live with his mother & start his family life.

Mahender chawla – Filed an FIR against narayan & more people. whole story is in blog. He is also scared but he is also very determined to bring truth in public. he said even if he looses his life he will fight for his case and will bring th truth to public. he named us number of girls and exact dates and places he remembers where narayan son of asaram took advantage of girls.

Richa – (Name changed) – we spoke to her & she didn’t wanted to come in news but as she already came on TV so she said it will be better if we can hide her identity – as stated by her she was sexually abused by asaram himslef.

Surat – Land is already awarded back to farmers by court again but surat land is still occupied by asaram.

Sangrur — will update

Indore – will update soon – but so far wehave a copy of FIR, & spoke to family . child said in gurukul they give harsh punishment & beat us if we don’t meditate on asaram name and they force us to meditate for hours and make us do work for ashram.

Rishikesh – will update soon — but so far – sant samaj is demanding CBI inquiry as one of their sant is kidnapped by asaram. Looks like this will be big trouble for asaram.

Chindwara — story is in shades – will update soon.

Ahmedabad — Jagega gujarat sangarsh samiti & others are trying to save victims of asaram. PIL was filed and won where court ordered asaram ashram to pay for the damages done by his devotees to journalist and others.

Bharti – Sure she has long history with inmates, I don’t think we want to write here but it’s evident the kind of sex scandals father & son are doing in ashram what asaram’s sex hungary daughter must be doing to retain people in ashram.

Dr.  Hemant Gulani – sindhi bhai – husband of bharti. (Bharti is daughter of Asaram may be his daughter or not that bharti’s mother can tell as asaram was busy having sex with other women in ashram) Poor guy was lucky enough to get out of trap of asaram’s daughter. He had been asking bharti for divorce but asaram forcing him to stay in India and loot people with him.

Shekhar — will update soon – why asaram gave his supari.

Raju — will update soon — Interesting facts on why asaram ave his supari for murder too.

Boy – named by asaram as CID – was in rishikesh — story never came in  news yet, but very interesting – will update soon.

Haridwaar – will update soon, as whole community in haridwaar dislikes asaram & narayan plus they have number of stories there besides ashram  takeover.

Varindawan – will update soon, each mahant in varindawan knows how narayan was kicked out as he had putup posters there and declared him as god, and couple of other stories besides that small land they took on main road. Narayan is son of asaram who used to do some stuff on small scale himself like going himself to pickup people to take them to registrar so they can donate their property to asaram but over the years he has grown and his activities have also grown. We really got the real picture of narayan through Avin and it’s unbelievable.  It will be good story on how India is still so behind where Mohan Das karamachand Gandhi left us & we went behind and still slavery is evident in the forms of asaram & by using bapu’s name.  Slavery was stated by britishers but was banned later. We will post some links soon or you can search on british india slavery.

Land scam cases – There are so many, infact all of his ashrams are built on property they snatched from others by deceit, cheating, forgery. There are around 300 cases of cams we know and the value can be estiimated like this. Ashram in Rajokri  delhi is apx. 50 acres Value in Rajokri is 8 crore ruppes per acre. 8 crore X 50 =400 crore. Well there was more land which he had forged but delhi hight court had ordered to give land back to victim but this is what they still control & rest they are still conrolling as a way to ashram. Boy it’s really hard even to count the amount of money asaram has looted from people.  We will write up a whole book on tactics used for these frauds, as some of the people who were involved in these shady deals have disclosed us how asaram put his goondas along with innocent branwashed devotees to grab the land from victims. more will come soon.

— Well more court cases & number of other victims we already contacted are there , but there are so many of his victims & we are just free blog   so wait and see as we post. We have nothing against asaram but if asaram or narayan fixes any of these listed victims problems  then we will be happy to post it here.  If any victim listed above got relief please send us name and we will post it here.

How many people like Ajay are brainwashed then when they wanted to leave ashram back to their families Asaram played with them. Asaram need man power for his terrorist activities, and he has recruits himself.
All is done in in the name of Hinduism, but his terror activities he himself manages behind the doors. None of his sadhaks are involved as this is his front for terror activities.
At the end they left but asaram either had beaten them, threatened them, & most of them are living in fear of asaram. all of them ran away from ashram once hypnotic illusion of asaram got over them. All of them are top cream of people who used to be right hands of asaram, all of them had destroyed 10-30 years of their life in asaram ashram. Angad sewak = kitne logo ka sakshatkaar karaya.
all these people are very well known to ashrams all over India, but all of them disappeared.

karshan bhai – printing in charge

Vaktaa – badai karte the – Speakers who used to speak to collect junta for asaram.

Sonal didi
Padma didi
Swami Anil anand
chandra swami
swmai girishaanand – gujarat ke mp rati lala verma ka ccousin –
Varsha didi
Trupiti didi
Swami Narsianad (narsi) – pile kapde wala
Swami Manish anand – surat

Dubai alok chaubisa (ashram ex media coordinator)
Raju bhai chandok
Vaidya raj Amrut bhai
Ramesh boriyayee

Ex body guards
Devender, Govind.

Rasoia – Akhil gupta
Ashok bhandari

Raghu bhai- nasik
Daya karan dk – Bombay
Sudarshan – Delhi
Ashok bhai – chandigarh – sanchalak

Ishwar naik -canada –
Anad bhai – canada
Ami behan – canada
bharti behan – canada

Lala sanyasi
rakesh bhai -ratlam – angad sewak rasoia
Ashok -video – 15yrs
Prahlad driver

Rohit – driver -rasoia –
sanjay dentist -baroda –

Main sanchalaks
kaushik patel
Shekhar bhai -delhi
satish bhai
Raju bhai
Rajeev bhai – Gaziabad sanchalak

All these people say that they wasted their life for asaram . Amulya din tabah kar diye asaram ne humare.



  1. Hello Sir, do visit my blog.
    U r doing a great job.
    be frnz..

    Comment by krantiveerwilson — September 29, 2008 @ 7:48 pm | Reply

  2. Here are his property scandals.

    Remember each ashram has Murders history along with it. when property was snatched what happened to the real owner of the property & how asaram’s goon flash revolvers on victims.
    list of people who still have legal & illegal guns in his ashram will be coming soon.

    Comment by asaramistantrikcult — October 2, 2008 @ 6:56 am | Reply

  3. As per update on Ajay sharma, asaram has still not sent him back to his mother. We have started our research & we will post scanned copies of all cases against asaram. asaram is not saint he is criminal disguised as siant & we believe ajay should be let go to his mother. His mother has been threatened by asaram goondas. Why ? Because she wants her son back ? What happend to asaram as saint ? First time in india such big fraud is busted in india who uses our beliefs to exploit people. have mother fight with her son, Justice coming soon.

    Comment by asaramistantrikcult — October 2, 2008 @ 7:00 am | Reply

  4. here is the partial list of murders by asaram bapu in his ashrams

    Comment by asaramistantrikcult — October 2, 2008 @ 5:59 pm | Reply

  5. Hi, I am Sunil , I know Mahender who filed FIR aganst narayan. Mahender told me once.

    Asaram Bapu & narayan both are TANTRIKS (BLACK MAGICIANS). Asaram ordered his son narayan to teach me TANTRA MANTRA (BLACK MAGIC), after that narayan went RANCHI (JHARKHAND) in JAN MONTH no body can imagine it was so cold there and there is a CHHINMASTIKE MATA’S TEMPLE which is famous for black magic & Narayan went with Mahender. They went to a OLD AGE TANTRIK (2.30AM ie 2.30 at cold night) his residence was near to temple . Narayan requested him to teach me BLACK MAGIC , tantrik saw mahender and he said never, this child (Mahender) is soft hearted and I never want to misguide any one , this child is coming you for GOD n u want to misuse him , u can but I will never do that , bring him back……….bcoz tantra vidya moksh marg mei badhak hai n mai is bache ka jeewan barbad nahi kar sakta , mere jiwan ka to sarvnash ho gaya lekin mai apne haath se ab kisi ka jiwan barbad nahi kar sakta…………………………T

    Comment by Sunil — October 4, 2008 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

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