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Asaram Son narayan calling himself as God

Asaram bapu Son narayan sindhi, who is involved in cheating forgery cases as described in ASARAM KI KALI KARTUT calling himself as God in this video couple of years ago. At that time whole community of sadhu samaj was against him. they protested against him, as there were number of women who were sexually exploited by him went to report but no one was listening.

The drama of gurudom goes like this, see in this video there are about 20 women most are brainwashed, he keeps them next to him whereever he goes, when a new female comes to his ashram as in india people follow others without using their mind, & they see so many women standing there joining thier hands & worshipping this criminal  new women also thinks there must be something. It’s all about illusion they have created to woo more people. once a new women is in ashram then process of guru gita is applied on her. then they have set way to seduce women to sexually exploit her.  he is master of sexual exploitation.  His own sister got divorce from her husband and now seducing men for her father asaram.





We had been telling you to watch yourself from illusion of this father duo. Glad you found the real face of this cult. Amazingly you will shocked to know what happens inside the ashram.

Do download that free ebook called ” SHAITAN BANA ASARAM “. it exposes how they brainwash sex slaves in ashram. how innocnet victims are brainwshed & are forced to work for this father son duo a slaves.

What happend to that fanatic brainwashed Ajay who was on aajtak, did asaram sent him back to his widowed mother ? Well asaram will not teach to help you widowed mother , he didn’t for 14 years. Asaram doesn’t care about mothers request ? Is he is above the law ? Oh well if he can give supari to kill 6 people like he is buying onions then why will he care about a mother.

Download ebook of SHAITAN BANA ASARAM…


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