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April 12, 2009

Haramkhor Asaram Bapu’s another fraud of Pedhmala exposed by court – justice was delayed but came

Indian law system is slow and this is why asaram bapu and his son narayan are still out of jail, but surely courts will catch them up soon.

Now one more cheating, forgery case came , and court has given justice.

India is still running becuase of judiciary, they are late but do justice. this i why asaram tries to hush cases before they go to courts.

A simple PIL was able  reveal that asaram bapu son narayan whose name has been involved in number of murders and sexual exploitation with innocent religious people who fall in the father son duo trap has forged documents of pedhamala land also.  So far 47 inquiry’s of his ashrams have revelaed asaram bapu’s and his son ashrams has grabbed houses of devotees and is involved in allmost 93% of ashram lands on other peoples assetts. Victims of number properties have been pleading courts for years, as asaram uses mob of his blind faith disciple who he gives superstitious beliefs like asaram is bhagwaan and bhagwaan jo chahe kare humein poochna nahin chahiye. Innocent diiple do fall in this simple trap and there are thousands of them, who he exploits to threaten people who leave his ashram after knowling the real black face of asaram & narayan.  Asaram uses  dirty tricks to put the victims in fear by filing false FIR’s against them so they shouldn’t speakup. It takes years for a sexual abuse victms even to disclose to someone in fmaily that they were sexually exploited by asaram and his son narayan posing themself as god, but when they do asaram defames those women.  As end of asaram’s lanka is coming closer he is getting more desperte to hold on to or woo more people by advertising & polluting city with his posters & banners. Crores of ruppes is spent on printing of posters becuase in two days he will be making 20-25 crores per gathering, but now becuase not many people come to his nautanki so he is geting more and more desperate to harras people who left his factories and shops. All factory of printing and products whih he sells are made in factories in which he expploits children and women also, who are malnutritioned and by violating human rights all over in his ahsrams. He geet’s away with malnutrition by saying this is satvik food and we should save food for poor, whereas thousands of people who are malnutritioned and are made to work 16-20 hours per day seven days a week in his factories are bonded slaves who really need some food and proper medical help. 

Human Rights organizations should act to save children from asaram and narayan ashrams.


हरामखोर आसाराम बापू और इसकी हरामी औलाद नारायण भारत के धार्मिक लोगो को बेवकूफ़ बनामे पे लगे है,

हरामखोर आसाराम बापू और इसकी हरामी औलाद नारायण भारत के धार्मिक लोगो को बेवकूफ़ बनामे पे लगे है,

Srimad Gita Verses are exploited by haramkhor asaram to fool people. You will find it here on wordpress also.

Gita asaram ke baap ki property nahin hai. 

Swami ram sukhdas ji said criminal asaram will go to the extent of any means and even to use Gita, then understand his end has come.

He will serve punishment for the sins done by him his enitre life, and instead of making his children something he has taught them also how to make fool of people in the name of hinduism and sell guru system to other religiuos people.

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