Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

April 12, 2009

Haramkhor Asaram Bapu’s another fraud of Pedhmala exposed by court – justice was delayed but came

Indian law system is slow and this is why asaram bapu and his son narayan are still out of jail, but surely courts will catch them up soon.

Now one more cheating, forgery case came , and court has given justice.

India is still running becuase of judiciary, they are late but do justice. this i why asaram tries to hush cases before they go to courts.

A simple PIL was able  reveal that asaram bapu son narayan whose name has been involved in number of murders and sexual exploitation with innocent religious people who fall in the father son duo trap has forged documents of pedhamala land also.  So far 47 inquiry’s of his ashrams have revelaed asaram bapu’s and his son ashrams has grabbed houses of devotees and is involved in allmost 93% of ashram lands on other peoples assetts. Victims of number properties have been pleading courts for years, as asaram uses mob of his blind faith disciple who he gives superstitious beliefs like asaram is bhagwaan and bhagwaan jo chahe kare humein poochna nahin chahiye. Innocent diiple do fall in this simple trap and there are thousands of them, who he exploits to threaten people who leave his ashram after knowling the real black face of asaram & narayan.  Asaram uses  dirty tricks to put the victims in fear by filing false FIR’s against them so they shouldn’t speakup. It takes years for a sexual abuse victms even to disclose to someone in fmaily that they were sexually exploited by asaram and his son narayan posing themself as god, but when they do asaram defames those women.  As end of asaram’s lanka is coming closer he is getting more desperte to hold on to or woo more people by advertising & polluting city with his posters & banners. Crores of ruppes is spent on printing of posters becuase in two days he will be making 20-25 crores per gathering, but now becuase not many people come to his nautanki so he is geting more and more desperate to harras people who left his factories and shops. All factory of printing and products whih he sells are made in factories in which he expploits children and women also, who are malnutritioned and by violating human rights all over in his ahsrams. He geet’s away with malnutrition by saying this is satvik food and we should save food for poor, whereas thousands of people who are malnutritioned and are made to work 16-20 hours per day seven days a week in his factories are bonded slaves who really need some food and proper medical help. 

Human Rights organizations should act to save children from asaram and narayan ashrams.


हरामखोर आसाराम बापू और इसकी हरामी औलाद नारायण भारत के धार्मिक लोगो को बेवकूफ़ बनामे पे लगे है,

हरामखोर आसाराम बापू और इसकी हरामी औलाद नारायण भारत के धार्मिक लोगो को बेवकूफ़ बनामे पे लगे है,

Srimad Gita Verses are exploited by haramkhor asaram to fool people. You will find it here on wordpress also.

Gita asaram ke baap ki property nahin hai. 

Swami ram sukhdas ji said criminal asaram will go to the extent of any means and even to use Gita, then understand his end has come.

He will serve punishment for the sins done by him his enitre life, and instead of making his children something he has taught them also how to make fool of people in the name of hinduism and sell guru system to other religiuos people.

February 27, 2009

Asaram Bapu and his son Narayan Prem Sai ashram are fraud Government admits

All his ashrams should be taken over by Army and then give it to people who live a life of slumdog

All ashrams are taken in by fraud cheating to people and public. Remember while taking over the proeprties how many murders they have done, and how many fmailies they have broken.

Here is news article in which government even admitted in parliament yes it’s a messed up ashrams.

GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat government has admitted in the Assembly on Tuesday that Asaram Ashram has encroached upon 67,099 square metres of land in Ahmedabad. In a written reply to a question asked by Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar, the state revenue department has said that 67,099 square metre land is under encroachment by Asharam Ashram in Ahmedabad and the Collectorate is dealing with the issue. On a supplementary question on what action has been initiated against the Ashram to free the land from encroachment, the government said that Dascroi tehsildar has issued a notice on January 30, 2009 under land revenue act. On February 17, hearing was held at the Collectorate where Deputy Collector heard the matter and once the entire process under the land revenue act is completed, further action will be taken accordingly, the department said.

January 30, 2009

Haramkhor Asaram bapu pays to journalist to not to write about his crimes and victims

Thanks to all general public, Politicians & Guru’s who have supported our cause today in Ahmedabad. We thanks to all the spiritual guru’s who have supported us by their guidance, by showing who is real Asaram & his criminal murderer rapist son Narayan is. Serial Rapist Narayan who is living a life of self called god portraying as Kirshan to innocent females who have fallen in trap of his fathers illusion will be saved soon. From today we will be reporting everyday one real incident of asaram and his criminal activities. It will take years as there are only 365 days in year so right now we have 1,700 cases of victims against asaram from all over India which includes girls who are raped, Parents who daughters were raped, Parents of females who are still getting raped in asaram ashram and parents want to get the medical test done to prove that they have been raped in ashram, parents whose children are killed in ashram, Parents whose children are being held under superstition of next life in ashram. All of these case are fresh with evidence of one of the victims or family who was still alive at that time, some people have been killed by asaram and his goonda’s after they gave us their story. Proofs of asaram tried to break communal harmony just to hide his own personal benefit. Remember some of these stories are well know to all over India and those parents are still struggling to get their children out of asaram ashram. If you also have a guru then you need to check if he has supported asaram in last four months then he is a bad criminal like asaram. If your Guru has not condemned in clear words asaram taking advantage of people making them slaves and keeping them on 3 rotis per day for years and has made them into a living skeleton of bones then your guru has something to hide. Please let us know name of your guru who has not condemned asaram yet openly. We will find out how your guru is supporting asaram, if your guru is supporting asaram then it’s sad then he should be exposed as we know asaram very well so anyone supporting asaram is enemy of all parents & victims of asaram & they might have something under their sleeves. Please send your guru’s name and number who has not condemned asaram yet, this is a public appeal to all hindu’s. Hinduism means be good man not to leave your family under illusion to become slave of criminal rapist asaram. We are looking forward for government to seize all asaram ashram within two weeks, and all slaves to be released and given medical care so they can get back their body back to normal scale instead of being a skeleton of bones. More deaths are being reported by taking asaram medicines because form last couple of months people ar enot buying from asaram futkar shops so all medinces are expired but asaram selling htem by chaing date labels. Asaram has planned mass murder,s o hopefully goivernment acts fast and seize his ashrams before asaram flees away after mass murder. So far in last three months asaram has paid around 3 crores in Cash to just supress the news of victims. If you write one article of true face of asaram then he will first try to harrass you by saying he will sue you bla blah but he can’t sue you becuase you are not writing against a religion you are exposing a criminal, then if you stilll write then he will try to buy you by paying lakhs of ruppes. asaram paid huge cash to TV chanels becuase for 30minute slot which anyone can buy for 3 lah he paid 30 lakh but made a deal that don’t expose me and don’t show story of my victims or rapes and sex abuse in asaaram and narayan ashrams. Remember even if asaram takes you to court still becuase there are thousadns of victims more you will get lot of support from victims, let him take you to court as there will be ten new victim stories will come along. Asaram spread superstition and milking thousands of crores a year. so far his asseets are 45,000 crores which is on the bloods of thousands of people he killed in ashrams.

January 7, 2009

Asaram bapu drinks blood after murdering and have sex with dead bodies too

Asaram bapu has taught his son narauan how to kill then have sex with dead bodies. he calls this ritual sadhna, when u do more sadhna you get more rich. In the process keep killing people and send our brainwashed followers to kill others who try to bring the truth out.  Blame everything is done by SIMI , pakistan  terrorists, oh now he started saying it’s done by christian missionaries.   These exact statements are made by asaram about simi and christians.   I wonder what SIMI or christians have to do with victims who are murdered by asaram, and three  murders he has ordered  in 2009 , it’s just 8th january today and asaram started this year with three murders. Guess what to hide murderes whose help asaram is taking == people who work for police department  administration in government.    These people are brainwashed by asaram and are under illusion that asaram is god but they work for the government and they have the power to misuuse powers. I wonder what educated IPS and IAS oficers are doing ?  We gave power of goernment to politicians but when i spoke to an IPS officer, he said we know asaram is corrupt whole department knows it, but we work for the gujarat givernment and i am doing job for the government so how can i go against my employer wishes.   What ?  really   it’s sad and sickening that asaram is allowed to murder people and still roaming free. Police didn’t even started the inquiry ….  Highcourt now ordered police to do their job and start inquiry.

Thug Asaram kuta has become pagal as his criminal activities are going public he is becoming more psychotic. Asaram should have been put in jail years ago for his crimes and murders he has done for years. Each of his ashrams are grabbed by force of innocent people who came under disguise of religion. Asaram blaming media and victims families for his durdasha now. Asaram is pathetic that he is abusing people who are asking for their land, their sons, their daughters back from his cult. Asaram made videos against people who speak the truth of him and bring his dark face and black crimes under white clothes. Asaram has so much black under the white that he even now made videos of victim girls who are willing to testify and told the real horror tales of ashram and how asaram seduces young brains inside ashram and take them away from their families to become goonda for his criminal network. Newspaper or TV only report when a 0 Victim approaches media with their horror life story because they are not getting justice in the legal system as asaram has disguised under the blanket of religion. asaram is not dharmik rather he is using Hinduism and giving our hindu region a bad name. In our hindu culture mata pita ki sewa is a dharma but asaram is thick skin when parents approach asaram to give their hand over their daughter back then asaram had the daughter file a police report against his own father. So many parents are still wondering what happened to their son/daughter in asaram ashram why asaram has not sent them back as they were told they are hired by the ashram as an employee but now asaram converted them as slaves to work for free, he even made them sign blank papers to sign over their assets to them which they are not part of as parents have taken all rights away from children to give away to asaram.

This ashram was listed on this site three months ago as asaram had full knowledge of this ashram when he had sent three gunmens to take over this ashram of aam wale baba. How a father of a 21 yr old son can fight to get his son out of asaram ashram when asaram has so many illiterate people following asaram under illusion. Some one elses son fights when one father tries to get his son out of asaram cult. We demand all asaram ashrams to be seized . All asaram properties should be taken over by government and given to NGO who are working under law. Asaram’s gun licenses to be cancelled. CBI should should watch asaram ashram and how 29,000 crores of cash is stashed in ashrams. Asaram has forged registry of 227 private houses in mumbai, asaram has taken over 337 homes in Delhi, asaram has over 1734 houses under his control and real owners whose family got involved with asaram as sadhak are now forced out of their homes, because asaram has forged registry of the houses owned by them. Asaram has some follower in police and in administration department who blindly take his orders and murder people who cry out loud after being raped by asaram.

What real hindu’s and guru’s are doing ? watching asaram to ruin our hindu culture ?
Asaram is a dark spot on Hinduism. Asaram is criminal who has been 
Asaram is behaving like Pakistan, Asaram still holding hostages in his ashram but he is denying. asaram is still sitting on the property which is owned by other but he is denying. Asaram still has the children of people who filed cases against asaram that he has taken their child away but asaram is denying. If government can’t get the truth from asaram then how can government think of fighting with Pakistan in the name of religion. Here a criminal killing Hindus in India and is roaming free under the disguise of religion and government is hoping to get criminals from Pakistan ? We request government to look in to this seriously as asaram is planning a mass murder now in his ashram to be blaming on Muslims and Christian missionaries, like he has blamed from last 4-5 months in all of his literature and videos he has posted to defame victims. Victims of asaram are victims of asaram and they are Hindus, they are blaming asaram. Asaram should be arrested for his heinous crimes, other wise our hindu religion is going down. Asaram will not stop his criminal activities and there are thousands and thousands of people are already his victims who are slowly slowly getting in their sense after abuse of years. it takes time for people to recover from the abuse they have beared in asaram ashram for years. Asaram ashram’s are like madrasa which are used by terrorists. Not all madrasa are owned by terrorist but all asaram ashram has thousands of victims brainwashed to die in the name of religion. Shame on Modi as he not only killed Muslims but helped asaram to kill Hindus also.   Day by day asaram has gone desperate to save his cult from being going down, but as history has it, people who become greedy and kill innocents do go down now matter who they were. but this time our hindu religion has been defamed due to criminal activities of asaram. 
What asaram is denying ? He doesn’t have the property which people have filed cases against him ? – Asaram still is sitting on those properties and his innocent sadhaks are used as terrorists to terrorize real owners.
What asaram is denying? he has not done murders = there are real witnesses of his murderers to who is buying these days by paying lakhs of rupees, but there are still so many ready to speak as witness if CBI takes over the case, as victims are not getting justice under Modi government and asaram has his brainwashed fanatic followers in CID who don’t even try to open the case and read the complaints against asaram , so how can victims will ever get justice ?
What asaram is denying – Asaram is not holding son/daughters of parents who filed cases against him – There are number of children who are missing, as told by insider they are murdered in ashram and no one knows, some who were located are still being used as slave and are not with their families. so what he is denying ?

What asaram is saying —-> SIMI Muslims and Christian missionaries have done propaganda to defame him …. Asaram is anti Indian, he doesn’t belive in religion rather, by making these statements in all of his preaching and in his pamphlets he sent to his followers he displayed that he is willing to have inter faith fight. he wants to disrupt peace of people by adding communal riots. We as hindu know Muslims have nothing to do with asaram or his victims rather Muslims and Christians Sentiments are hurt when asaram said statement like these to save his own criminal activities. these statements can be verified in all of his literatures in last 3 months and videos he has posted. Or it can be verified with any of his followers who have attended any of his meetings in last three months since asarams criminal activities came in limelight. Asaram want to disrupt peace of communal harmony just to save his black face. Asaram himself has done propaganda to disrupt communal harmony, he even filed an FIR claiming his ex follower have joined in Muslim Terrorists whereas people he filed FIR against don’t even have money to fight case against asaram as they have wasted 5-30 years inside asaram ashram under illusion.

We hindu’s need to unite and look with open eyes and think for a change rather just to have blind faith in a criminal who has disguised under the religion blanket. Asaram is using young children now under the age of 10 and made his videos to promote him. In all of those videos young child who has not even seen the world yet, has been made to praise asaram like he asaram has saved him from some sin. What a sin a child of 5 years old can do that he has to sing for asaram ? the only fault is that parents of that child are fanatic follower of asaram and they are not aware how many role models asaram has in ashram whose parents had dreams for their child but asaram ruined their life and made them slave to work in his ashram.  

Asaram should be hanged to death number of times the times he has raped young child. If asaram is hanged to death one time for one rape then asaram can’t have next 27,000 lives. so far we counted around 1,798 women were raped about 27,000 times by asaram, his son narayan and some of the politician friends of asaram. Murder, rape, drug abuse all is common in asaram ashram , and all cash stacked bundles are in hawala market which can be verified by any of the jeweler or builder in any city of India. Estimated asaram now has taken control of  47 thousand crores worth of properties & assetts , and not to mention all by forgery and sending his criminal goondas by murdering people. after control of property then asaram sends innocent sadhaks to take care of that property as ashram and seduce more people their for the illusion. 

People who have lost their childrens in his cult are clueless what to do.    Hopefully god will do justice soon.

November 9, 2008

रंडी या तवायफ के कोठे और आसाराम बापू के आश्रमो में सारी समानताएँ है!

रंडी या तवायफ के कोठे और आसाराम बापू के आश्रमो में सारी समानताएँ है!

दोनो जगह काम करने वाले कर्मचारियों को वेतन के नाम पर ठेंगा मिलता है

दोनो जगह कर्मचारियों के घर वालों को पता नहीं होता की उनके बचे कहाँ और क्या कर रहे है
दोनो जगह कर्मचारियों के घर वालों को कर्मचारी से मिलने नहीं दिया जाता
दोनो जगह कर्मचारियों के घर वालों को  अपना बचा वापिस लेजाने की कीमत वसूली जाती है
दोनो जगह कर्मचारियों के घर वालों को  अपना बचा वापिस लेने के लिए पुलिस और कोर्ट कचहरी के च्कर लगाने पड़ते है
दोनो जगह कर्मचारियों के घर वालों को इनके गुंडे परेशान करते हैं
दोनो जगह आने वाले लोग अँधा पैसा लूटा कर जाते हैपर कर्मचारी को कुछ नहीं मिलता पर वर्षो तक मानसिक और शारीरिक शोषण होता रहता है
दोनो जगह कर्मचारी धोखे से रखे जाते है
दोनो जगह कर्मचारियों को भय से भयभीत कर रखा जाता है
खाने के लिए पैसे दिए है तुम्हे  जिसके लिए उन्हे दिन रात काम करना पड़ता है
कोठे पर कोठे वाले दलाल और आसाराम  के अश्रमों में आसाराम  सारे पैसे ले जाते है
दोनो जगह करोड़ो रुपया की कमाई होती है पर कोई हिसाब सफेद में नहीं रखा जातासारा टॅक्स फ्री है
दोनो जगह  बड़े बड़े पुलिस के अधिकारीओं के पीछे से ताड़ जुड़े होते है
दोनो जगह राजनीतिक पार्टियों का संरक्षण है
दोनो जगह कितने ही कर्मचारियों को मौत के घाट उतार दिया जाता है अगर वो अपने घर वापिस जाने की बात करते हैं और उन हत्याओ का कोई लेखा झोखा नहीं होता, पर वहाँ के कर्मचारियों से विश्वास में ले कर या पुराने कर्मचारियों या करीब के लोगो से पूछने पर अनगिनत हत्याओं के मामले सामने दबी आवाज़ में खुलते है
दोनो जगह ज़हर से मार देने का उपाय पर्योग में लाया जाता है
दोनो जगह महिलाएं बिना शादी के ही माँ बन जाती हैपर दोनो जगहों पर इनके बचे कोख में ही मरवा दिए जाते है (गर्भपात), ताकि कर्मचारी काम करता रहे और धंधे को बदाता रहे
दोनो जगह पॉल खुलने और नंगे होने पर भी दोनो अपने धंधे को चलाने की कोशिश करते है
दोनो जगह जब आम आदमी जब मिल कर आवाज़ उठाते है तो  इनके धंधे बंद हो जाते है और समाज जाग जाता है
समाज अब जाग आया है

October 22, 2008

Clouded in controversy – India Today article

Clouded in controversy
Uday Mahurkar
July 24, 2008

India’s spiritual arena is getting as murky as its political one. The latest manifestation of this was the mysterious death of two students in godman Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Ahmedabad.

Following allegations that the mysterious deaths of the boys were related to tantric rituals, Bapu’s followers went on a rampage after they were beaten up by angry locals.

They attacked journalists and burnt vehicles. Even in the past, Bapu has been known to draw controversies. His rags to riches story is also questionable and fodder for debate.

From a mechanic at a cycle shop in Ahmedabad four decades ago to a spiritual guru with two crore followers and an empire worth Rs 5,000 crore, the rise of Asaram Bapu alias Asumal Thaumal Harpalani, 68, has been truly meteoric.

He may rank a few rungs lower than other gurus when it comes to scriptures, but his wealth surpasses that of many of his contemporaries.

His empire includes hundreds of acres of land in prime locations in India’s major cities, a flourishing business of over two dozen products that includes a clutch of ayurvedic medicines, incense sticks, soaps and shampoos besides spiritual magazines that net crores of rupees for him annually.

Bapu controls his country-wide empire through 400-odd trusts, of which two main ones-Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram Trust and Sant Shri Asaramji Mahila Utthan Trust- are based in Ahmedabad.

Asaram Bapu with his followers
Fear and violence have been Bapu’s hallmark, as the attack on reporters and others displayed. His diktat is enforced by his sadhaks (disciples), some of whom have also borne the brunt of his ire when they dared speak against some questionable activities in the ashram. They were terrorised and beaten up by their own fellowmen.
The latest to be hunted out of the Ahmedabad ashram is Dinesh Bhagchandani, 32, Bapu’s former driver and man Friday. He was charged with “indecent behaviour” with a sadhika (female disciple), an allegation his friends deny. Fearing for his life, Bhagchandani has fled Ahmedabad.

More than the fear factor is the money power the guru commands. Most of the controversies involving him relate to land deals across the country involving the ashram, which has 100 major centres located on huge tracts of land besides 1,200 satsang kendras.

One of the newest imbroglio involves over 30 acres of land in Surat worth around Rs 125 crore. Bapu’s disciples have encroached upon a part of government land on the banks of the Tapi river.

The original owner from whom the Government had bought the land has moved the court pleading that if the Government’s objective of making an embankment was not accomplished and someone else is the current owner, the land should be returned to him. Incidentally, land grabbing is one of the more serious charges that Bapu faces.

Another huge chunk of agriculture land bought five years ago by Bapu and his family members—his wife Lakshmiben, son Narayan, daughter Bharati and daughter-in-law Shilpa—in Pedmala in Sabarkantha district is also entangled in a legal wrangle.

A protest against the boys’ deaths
A local whistle blower, Ramesh Choksi, has complained to the district collector that the deal is illegal because Bapu and his family members bought the land by posing as farmers (only a farmer can buy agricultural land in Gujarat, according to the law).
Choksi alleged that Bapu and his family had manipulated records to declare themselves as farmers. The collector has held Choksi’s charges to be true.

Says Choksi, “A look at the land-related court cases in which Bapu and his followers are involved across the country would show that they are one of the biggest land grabbers in India. The Government should blacklist them and seize all their lands.

“Even Bapu’s 15-acre Ahmedabad ashram is clouded in controversy because the gurukul building on its premises is illegal. Not just that, the ashram land at Karol Bagh in Delhi and the 25-acre proposed ashram in Rajokri village near Delhi are also wrapped in court cases. We have had a very bad experience from Bapu’s disciples,” says Ohmvir Singh Chauhan, thakur of Panched near Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh.

According to Chauhan, in the early ’90s Bapu’s disciples encroached upon 26 acres of his family estate. This led to a court battle, but in the end the family had to sell the estate to the followers because it didn’t have the stomach to take on Bapu’s aggressive disciples.

Bapu’s business empire rests on the sale of over two dozen products across his satsang centres and other facilities. Insiders allege that ashram authorities manipulate records to avoid paying taxes.

The magazines—Rushiprasad, a monthly in several languages, and the fortnightly Lok Kalyan Setu, sell 14 lakh copies every month, netting around Rs 7.50 crore annually.

But the bigger grossers are the 50-odd satsang discourses Bapu delivers to his followers. Each two or three-day discourse nets Rs 1 crore via sales of associated products and what he gets from the organisers.

The biggest money spinners, however, are the three to four annual Gurupurnima functions during which Bapu receives donations running into crores of rupees.

The godman’s beginnings were humble. A non-matriculate, Bapu was born in Birani village near Nawabshah in Pakistan’s Sindh province before Partition forced his father Thaumal to flee to Ahmedabad when Bapu was seven years old.

In his 20s, he tried to seek the blessings of Leelashah Baba, who died in 1973. His ashram is in Adipur in Kutch. Says Hemant Kumar Tolani, Leelashah Baba’s disciple, “Asaram Bapu claims to be a disciple of Leelashah Baba. But the fact is that the baba never accepted him because he had severe reservations about him.”

Bapu’s ability to draw followers lies in a book called Panchamrut, a compilation of five major chapters based on Bapu’s speeches.

In one of the discourses called ‘Gurubhakti’, the book exhorts his followers to never question the guru, whether he is right or wrong.

The book compares the guru to Lord Shiva, with the threat that terrible curses would befall a disciple if he ever tries to undercut the guru or question his edict. Not stopping at that, it urges disciples to turn violent against the guru’s critics, going to the extent of even cutting off the dissidents’ tongue.

Says a former disciple of Bapu who deserted him on finding out his questionable activities: “The aim of the literature is to brainwash people so that they follow Bapu blindly and without reason.”

Another follower who parted ways with Bapu says, “His entire training process for his followers and disciples is designed to create an indelible impression in their minds that he is a divine being and therefore infallible and has to be followed by them in whatever he does, whether it is right or wrong.”

A series of well-managed pro-poor and impressive programmes, however, tend to cover up his controversial side, Bapu organises well publicised welfare programmes.

His ashrams run medical services, distribute free food grain among the poor, who form the bulk of his followers. His anti-addiction programme is also another big draw.

Not surprisingly, Bapu avoids the media when it comes to questions about the controversies. Uday Sanghani, the ashram’s spokesman, counters the charges on the godman’s behalf.

“These empty allegations about illicit land deals, money-making and violence by Bapu and his followers are a creation of those who have not been able to stomach Bapu’s rise and his acceptability among the masses as a spiritual master,” he says.

“These people are finding newer and newer ways of upsetting Bapu’s applecart. But Bapu is undisturbed by their antics as his mission is that of awakening the people at the spiritual level,” Sanghani adds.

With the controversy involving suspicious deaths and attacks on the media, the man behind the “saint” may finally be revealed.


Violence hits the streets as Asaram Bapu’s disciples and locals go on a rampage after charges of human sacrifices.

Last week when Praful Vaghela broke his fast at the insistence of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the state Government heaved a sigh of relief.

Vaghela had been on an eight-day-long fast to demand justice and a CBI probe for the deaths of his son Abhishek, 9, and nephew Dipesh, 10. He alleges that the boys were killed by tantriks in a human sacrifice at Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Ahmedabad.

Journalists protest attacks by Bapu�s followers
For almost a week, citizens, political parties, leftist organisations, social groups and common citizens had led violent protests on the streets of Ahmedabad. They torched vehicles and clashed with Bapu’s followers in a burst of frenzy whipped by public revulsion against the godman.
On July 3, the two boys had gone missing from the ashram, where they were studying. Two days later, their bodies were found in the dry bed of the Sabarmati river by locals.

One of the corpses had body parts missing, a possible indication that they had been killed in a human sacrifice as crucial body parts of children are normally used by tantriks in their rituals. The other body’s ears had been eaten away by dogs. Bapu’s initial silence over the issue only inflamed passions of local residents.

Then came the police statement that the deaths had occurred due to drowning and that the bodies had been eaten by dogs, which only added fuel to the already simmering dissent.

Bapu’s initial silence and his belated statement that there was an attempt by his enemies to create a wedge between the people and the Sant Samaj only caused further provocation.

The last straw was when rioters attacked Bapu’s followers, who retaliated by beating up journalists and residents around the ashram who had been supporting the protests.

The post-mortem report has not provided a clear reason for the deaths of the boys. It revealed that the sternum and liver of one of the boys was missing. The state Government has promised Vaghela an impartial probe.

“If I don’t get justice, I will renew my demand for a CBI probe,” says Vaghela. Till then, the suspicions and ugly rumours swirling around the ashram will continue to grow.

October 8, 2008

Asaram bapu ki kali kartuts Scanned copies of court papers – आसाराम बापू की काली कर्तुत्स

आसाराम बापू की काली करतूत

Download pdf file from

List of real court cases papers scanned & victims tales of asaram bapu in real which he doesn’t want you to see.
1-12 jaswant Singh Murder in rajokri, delhi. Witnesses are still in ashram but case is unresolved, father is still hoping for his son to be back.
13-43 Ahemdabad court – anil Vayas – land case
44-63 Bhagwani Devi – Rajokri – Asaram had forged on registry paper & took her land
64- Asaram Bapu Chandigarh Ghotala, took 500 crores rupees of people
64-76 – Asaram Bapu Trust Deed of karol bagh ashram in 1993 where old owner was poisoned & it gave access to asaram in Delhi public.
77-102 Asaram son narayan himself took old lady to give her property in his name, this was earlier days when asaram & narayan themselves used to hypnotize people & go to their homes to get The property. old lady died, they had taken their house. Her daughter had to pay 25 lakh to asaram to let his sadhak leave their house.

Asaram is playing in thousands of crores & has politicians at his disposal so he tries to ban this site
As it exposes his real black face. Just in case site not available then do get in touch with any of his ex inmates they will continue to expose his real black face as more and more in mates are already leaving his ashram.
All have similar tales to tell. All are abused exploited in the same way by same people.
Before we were there defending asaram as we were doomed now others have taken our place but they will realize it sooner than we did, because there is so much fight inside itself as people get exploited they are getting awareness through others why they left. Remember cult victims inside are not given news papers, magazines, TV etc. & if someone speak against guru they are shut down. So no way of getting the real information to people who are becoming slaves in asaram ashram. Like Ajay he works under Vani bhai for 16 hrs/day sleep in the next room from last 9 years in Ahmedabad ashram & count money then signs on bundles & distribute to ashram inmates. He has not seen outside of ashram people from outside ashram have no contact with him. Person becomes psychotic doing same job over over & over.

आसाराम बापू की काली करतूत  can be viewd online or downloaded. आसाराम बापू के काले कारनामो का चिठा


आसाराम बापू के काले कारनामो का चिठा जो बोल रहा है वोह सब सच है कोई साजिश नहीं यह कोर्ट केस कितने कितने वर्षो से इंतज़ार कर रहे है की कब आसाराम जेल में बंद होगा. आसाराम ने हर आरोप का जवाब यह दिया की यह साजिश है ? सोचिये जरा एक आदमी जब अपनी ज़मीन को आसाराम के कब्जे से बचाना चाहता है तो क्या यह साजिश है ? एकिक माँ जो अपने बचे को आसाराम के जाल से बचाना चाहती है तो क्या यह साजिश है ? भारत का कानून अँधा है देर से बोलता है पर बोलता जरूर है आसाराम का काला चिठा ४० सालों से चीख चीख कर कह रहा है आसाराम एकिक शातिर अपराधी है ! आपको सुन कर अजीब लगता है जब एक नवजात बचे को नर्स हॉस्पिटल से चुरा ले जाती है और कई शरो में कई बार ऐसे लोग भी पकड़े गए है जो बचो को भला फुसला कर ले जाते हैं फिर उनसे काम करवाते है ! आसाराम उन अपराधियो से भी घिनोना है जो भला फुसला कर अपनी फक्टोरियों में बचो को लगा लेता है फिर जब उन बचो के माँ बाप अपने बचो को वापस घर ले जाने के लिए मांगने जाते है तो उनके ऊपर ही आरोप लगा देता है या फिर उन बचो और माँ बप्प में फूट डलवा कर हर वोह चाल चलता है की बचा उसकी दूकान फैक्ट्री में काम करता रहे. आसाराम को एक कुते से भी नीच जाती का कहने में कुते का अपमान है ! आसाराम एक देश्द्रोशी है और हमारे समाज को धर्म के नाम पर लूट रहा है ! आसाराम एक धार्मिक नहीं एक अपराधी है ! धार्मिक लोगो को ठगने का काम करता है ! बेतको बाप के खिलाफ भड़का कर बाप पर पुलिस मैं रपोर्ट लिखवाता है बेटे से. बेटे को वकील देता है की बाप पर केस कर. वकील पैसे के लिए कुछ भी करेंगे ! मीडिया को पैसे मिलता है उसको अपना स्लोट बेचने में.

October 5, 2008

आसाराम बापू के झूठ का पर्दा फाश जो उसने टीवी पर दुनिया को गुमराह करने के लिए बोले How Asaram Bapu & Narayan sindhi LIED on TV & in his Tamasha

Replies from Victims to Asaram bapu’s paid PR persons & business partner who are trying to incite communal dispute and trying to divert attention from crimes of asaram bapu & his son narayan sindhi..  In Italics are statements which asarm used in his prachar by his paper called press ki taqat and rishi parsad he distributes through his local simiti members throughout India. His publication is printed apx 8 lac copies and goes directly to the homes of brainwashed fanatics who already are under illusion. Our replies are not printed in his published books & our replies are not seen by them this is why it is taking some time for them to realize what is really happening. We request media to please look into this understand it, see the reality meet with victims understand the pains, torture we are suffering from asaram exploitation & then write what you feel is true.  In Italics FONTS are statements & lies made by asaram to divert attention from his crimes

–> Why are saints who protect Hindu culture being demeaned?… ? … ?

Asaram is a hard-core criminal not a saint. He is disguising as saint, and you promoting him as saint. We know him from years. Check out details of his murders records & family assets snatching, family breaking & brainwashing at anti Asaram Bapu site



—> TARGETS OF CONSPIRACY … Param Pujya Jagadguru Shankracharya Jayendra Saraswati –> renowed Yogacharya swami Ramdev maharaj –> sages and saints belonging to supremely revered swami Narayan’s Organizations –> renowed Sri Satya Sai Baba –> Ma Amritanadamayee(Amma) –> Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji Maharaj and now –>Puja Sant Sri Asaramji Maharaj…. Who Will Be next?… ? ….


This was the main heading in the prachar asaram did to defend himself in his CD, in his Books, his news paper PRESS KI TAQAT & through other criminals like him who also run some brainwashing ashrams.  See the funny thing here is the intention of asaram is to distort peoples attention and bring in names of other people so crimes on him will not look like that he is the only criminal & why they were not punished for their crimes if they did why I should be punished? Innocent people in India who are brainwashed by him couldn’t fall into his trap of this statement also. Because people now know the reality of asaram & what some other person did he will pay for it. What’s others crimes or doing got to do with asaram crime? Apne karmo ka fal har aadmi ko apne aap hi apni zindagi mein bhogna padta hai. Every one has to pay the price for his own crimes in his life itself. If one person is drunk & driving then kills someone why will you go & punish the car maker or the beer maker. It was the fault of the driver he shouldn’t have drunk he misused the alcohol? It’s like if a Muslim Indian can marry 4 women tomorrow Hindu Indians will start marrying 4 times because they will see if other Indians are able to marry 4 times we should too. Every crime has another victims and another criminal and each crime has it’s own story & for each crime punishment is given to a criminal who has done it.  Look at the intention behind the statements gave by asaram to defend himself he even tried to cash in the opportunity of orrisa riots on Christians. What a pathetic attempt by asaram he forgot all his victims are Hindu’s they are still Hindu, they are more Hindu than asaram himself is. Mother who is asking for her son is Hindu her son is Hindu, father who is asking for his son is Hindu they are not from orrisa they never even went to orrisa they probably won’t even know the difference if orrisa or Tamil person comes all they will say they are south Indians but asaram’s low mentality & criminal mind will do every attempt to shut his victims voice. But this time asaram has gone too far by hurting father mothers who were asking for their kids back & even cashing in on the death of the kids by taking pictures with victims family & having no feelings for victims who are still crying in media for help.  If Ramdev had brainwashed a mother’s son & if her son is with ramdev then she will speak about ramdev but why is asaram bringing ramdev in picture? Ramdev has nothing to do with crimes done by asaram or to the victims of asaram. If ramdev kills someone brainwashes someone then there will be protest against him also. Human rights are there for every one and can’t be bought with money. God is within every one. Asaram doesn’t have access to god’s phone number, which we don’t know.  Asaram’s intentions are disrupt communal harmony, & to start fighting between Hindus itself to save his face which is looped in crimes. Crimes list is increasing everyday of asaram & he is getting more desperate to save himself form being more exposed. If Sai baba has murdered two vaghelas sons then they would have protested against him. See the ugly intention of asaram . iski karni aur kathni mein bahut farak hai.  Asaram is criminal who is doing what every criminal does to hide his crimes, but asaram has done genocide to thousands of families.

–> Don’t you think this is a conspiracy to make hindus fight amongst themselves?

There is no conspiracy, Asaram portraying this as conspiracy so he can get away as politician that this is virodhi party’s work. His criminal record is well documented from years. Court cases didn’t happened overnight; victims have been fighting them from years. They are well published in local newspapers & were on TV before & are in courts. But Asaram crimes list is so big that when media went to check upon one of his crimes they got two extra with every crime reported. Look at the comment made by this paid F**er who is writing for asaram saying make Hindu fight themselves? Victims are Hindus people whose families you have broken are Hindus. Asaram is not Hindu he has no religion he is kasai who brutally kills people for money & fame. & Witnesses are number insiders who just got fed up of doing crimes for asaram.


–> Awake,Hindus! Just reflect about who the conspiracy could be….

See this note, this criminal trying to distort topic towards Christians. See how low asaram is, he is trying to divert the topic to unrest the communal harmony. This is rajniti. Look mother who is asking for her son to be back is Hindu, the girl who is raped by asaram is hindu, father whose son asaram has murdered is Hindu, But look at the PR campaign of asaram everywhere on net that this is conspiracy against Hindu. Hindu’s are victims, mother is victims what Christianity has to do with it. asaram teaches nothing more just come work for me, recruit more people for me who can fight for me. Real face of asaram is exposed.

–> Who is managing the show behind curtains by controlling the media, thereby promoting inflighting amongst the hindus and destroying our culture?

Yeah , ok this is one more funny comment asaram makes. Blame media ? Asaram bought 20 minutes slot on Aajtak for crores, So who is controlling media Asaram paid huge money to channels not to show his victims stories rather show his advertisements of nautanki.  Asaram has his own magazine his own paper & his own slot on national TV, which is paid in crores to make thousand of crores. Whereas victims don’t have money to even go to surat, Ahmedabad to court dates itself.  Imagine which channels are not showing the victims story now & why? As there are more victims came out of his ashrams & they have horror stories to tell of asaram but why media is quite? Think about it.

–> Is this is a conspiracy by anti-religious forces that convert hindus by force?

See the real face of asaram mentality in this, Any one bringing truth about asaram is anti religious? People note Victims of asaram are more religious than asaram itself., this is why they trusted him but he exploited them raped them because we were hoping he is some sort of religious. but the fact is he is good tamashe wala who knew how to collect bheed junta. Criminal asaram filed a FIR against 25 people who left him after seeing his reality about 1 year ago and in FIR he said they have joined hands with SIMI. How low asaram is, and how pathetic people can be who believe this. Victims of asaram had been begging and pleading for justice on TV and in courts & look at the comment made above by this criminal diverting the topic to anti religious etc. this is real face of asaram. Asaram himself is a terrorist who uses same brainwashing tactics used by terrorist’s t& uses disciples to induce terror in people who brings truth about him.


–> Before the verdict of the court has been announced, who is creating such havoc about Sant Sri Asamraji Ashram?

This was another attempt when number of his past crimes came in limelight at once he didn’t lost the opportunity to cash it with Dr. Talwar case. How verdict of the court will ever come. FIR filed in Mumbai against Narayan sindhi & bugger is running, didn’t go to police station rather stayed in Indore as hideout & went to meet CM of MP to help him crores of cruppers have been exchanged. after Two months police in Ahmedabad still trying to get permission for NARCO test of sadhaks whereas asaram told in font of public HANG ME TO DEATH IF ASHRAM PEOPLE DONE IT, but now when police want to do narco of two suspect asaram told them not to go for narco and provided them attorney as human right violation if narco done. Why all victims who are saying they want to go do their narco but asaram didn’t surrendered himself for narco and didn’t even suspects undergo narco. All cases pending against asaram are from years because AJAY SHAH handles them he manipulates police & bribes the seniors and influences through BJP politicians who are behind asaram communal rajniti especially Modi & Advani.


–> Why are attempts being made to blemish the image of respected Sant Asaramji,Who has made such efforts to promote Hindu culture within the country and abroad and who is respected and worshipped by crores of disiciples?

It’s about bring the reality & real face of asaram with his dark black face in public, reality of criminal is out who distribute his pictures to innocent people & misguide them to treat him as god. See all innocent people fall in trap because we are Hindus & religious but Hindu culture is not the property of narayan sindhi or his baap Asaram. Hindu culture is to respect your parents & do humanity for other, but asaram has taught murders looting of people property. What hindu culture is that Ajay Sharma counting cash money of crores for asaram & his widowed mother begging asaram to leave her son. hindu culture is well known to Hindus not to criminals like asaram. asaram is not the thekedaar of Hindu culture our local mandir & pundits can teach us Hindu culture very well.  Best teacher for a child is his own parent itself who cares & loves them but asaram snatches them away in the name of guru sewa illusion.

–> Why is hatred being spread for sant Asaramji and his disciples within hindu society?

Hatred is not spread, people hate asaram bapu because of his criminal activities, because of asaram’s un humane work of killing people, killing kids, taking sons & daughters away brainwashing them and making them slaves. Because mother begging for her from 14 years she even came live on TV & you are making stories.  Fathers will stop nurturing their sons if son will be turning hostile like Ajay has been made.  Whole parenting concept will be doomed. How can asaram brainwash a son to leave his family & widowed mother to serve needs of criminal activities of asaram & count cash for asaram.


–> The fathers of children who were killed have declared, “We dont support any kind of bandth,we do not want violence and unreast.”

The father of children Mr. Vaghela, I spoke to him personally & he said Narco should have been done immediately. he was duped by local BJP MLA who took him to Modi to break his fast. At that time Modi said inquiry will be ordered the fact came out now criminal doing inquiry themselves instead of putting criminals asaram & narayan sindhi behind bars they helping them to delay the inquiry. Father of parents are disgusted the way inquiry is done, they want case to be handed over to CBI even today. Till the time asaram & narayan sindhi are not arrested & they don’t undergo NARCO how can truth will come out. Over 50 murders in ashram are seen by ex inmates who ready to give their witness once CBI takes up the case. just wait & watch there is justice as judiciary is watching asaram, they have whole pile of cases from years against asaram.


Day before yesterday asaram had Shakti pradarshan rally in Ahmedabad, how come he gets permission to do rally to show his gundagurdi but parents of dead children are demanding permission to do dharna peacefully with 10 people in front of asaram ashram are denied permission. The true face of Asaram is out this is why his samiti’s are breaking up so much inner fighting is going on in ashrams that lot more people are leaving asaram and not supporting him. Soon his ashrams will be seized & both father & son will be behind bars as there is justice left & judiciary still has power in India. I also saw some more cases listed on which asaram paid team tried to ban it number of times.





This reply was sent by a victim of Asaram bapu to about Asaram bapu


List of similarities of ideology, training & fanatic behaviour in Terrorist bomber & Asaram Bapu fanatic sadhak


 You need to understand Hindu terrorist or Muslim terrorists are not either Hindu or Muslims rather they are just exploiting our religious beliefs. My wife is Muslim & I am Hindu this gave me understanding of both religions. We as Hindus also have terrorist’s organization like Yoga Vedanta Samiti which helped in killing Muslims all over Gujarat.

My far away family friends are involved in one Hindu terrorist organization of asaram & I went to help them to get their son out of this brainwashing cult of Hinduism.  In the process we realized how dangerous this is, and how their ideology is similar to a terrorist who plants bombs in the name of jihad same way ashram people were ready to kill us. We went further and asked psychologist what’s the reason for this indoctrination he explained us in detail which can be verified by any student of psychology.


Here let me list similarities of asaram bapu cult & a suicide organization in the name of Allah.

Yoga Vedanta Trust, which is religious cult in the name of Hinduism, is an organization where such a phenomenon takes place, especially involving intelligent, prosperous, non-traumatized persons, who give up their life in mass or in groups. Asaram Bapu & his son Narayan sindhi ashrams represents a hybrid of these different forms of cults, which like all of them all is based on brainwashing, mind-control and behavioural manipulation of their members. asaram from last 30 years when he was growing had also adopted a proactive, violent strategy of intervention into society using local criminals, goons, local MLA, Local MP’s and guerrilla tactics and a perversion of Hindu scriptures as the foundations of its religio-political ideology. By using gundaas & criminals he was able to gain control in the area if some one brought truth of his criminal activities in front of public.


Asaram has been able to flourish is precisely because it is not recognized and treated for what it is – a religio-political death cult, and unless you call a spade a spade; you’re just raking over the ground, not digging it up. See the health of thousands of people called sadhak in asaram ashram , all are pale, all have detoriated health, all wear beard so they can be hidden once they commit crime by shaving it off.


Both asaram fanatic sadhaks & terrorist bombers jihadi have similar method of recruitment, way of life & goals, ideology.


  • Both are taken away from family, & families are not allowed to meet them.
  • Both works under disguise of religion , asaram starts from Hinduism then take them to kill others for guru ki agya whereas terrorist kill others in the name of Allah by taking order from commander. Both recruit others & work under religion umbrella.
  • In both organizations families don’t know where their kins are. & children’s always made to run away from home like in all cases of asaram victims families.
  • Both recruit people they can exploit for years by spoiling their careers.
  • Both have one person in command; Yog vedant samiti has asaram bapu (his son runs his terror organization in his own name), whereas Muslim organizations also have one commander at top. They also have local samitis in each area where they recruit others from society.
  • In both organization disciples are ready kill themselves or others because r their leader said so. asaram bapu went further ahead by training his disciple to kill their own families itself.
  • Both organizations sadhak or jihadi work for next life , asaram bapu sadhak is working in his ashram and doing hidden works in the name of asaram so he can do aatma ki shanti of his purvaj, or – next life sawaar, 21 pidya tar jayegni,& to save asaram bapu as guru but jihadi is dying & killings others to save Muslim religion.
  • Both are working in the disguise of religion.
  • Tactics of recruiting & brainwashing is similar in both organizations.

India needs to wake up & remove people who exploit others in the name of religion terrorism will be automatically removed.


Think & see the facts. See the pale faces of sadhaks & see the victim families. Hear real horrifying stories from ex inmates who knows the truth of asaram & think why he brought a anti terrorist organization’s speaker first week itself when his name did openly came in public. he knew today or tomorrow my activities will be in public so let me start defending from the beginning. But real facts are there you just need to ask ex victims or go in ashram and meet the sadhak then meet the families of sadhak you will know the reality how brainwashing was done & how dangerous asaram is, how he involves thousands of innocent people to kill others to save his name, & helps other politicians who are fanatic about hindutava rajniti.

Think you must think. Please save lives from this terrorist who has disguised as Hindu.  First chapter which asaram teaches to sadhak is he should stop thinking and trust what he is saying is right as he is his guru. But logically if you stop rationalising, stop asking questions, stop asking for reality, stop asking why there are so many murders, so many families crying, and why so many people who left asaram who used to be his close aids are filing court cases against asaram for exploitation whereas asaram saying all stole money from him, or they belong to simi ? Please think look at reality meet victims, meet victims families.

Dharm is dhandha for asaram to loot people & exploit people. He is not even dharmik.


This reply was sent by a victim of Asaram bapu to about Asaram bapu

See his PR people mixing asaram with other saints name to criminals asaram. asaram is a thug rapist  forger cheater murderer paedophile & much more. I know number of his ex inmates who used work for asaram and every one has story tot ell but asaram paid crores of rupees to media not to show his victims & now he bought slot of 20 minutes in crores of rupees so his advertisement can run.  This is reality of India. Criminals running India & victims can’t even speak.  But there is good news that all ashrams of asaram will be shutdown soon. Der hai andher nahin. People wake up, go meet Ajay Sharma in asaram ashram in Ahmedabad & you will see how these criminals will treat you and how much time they allow you. It’s a jail for Ajay & he is in illusion asaram will take him to swarglok !!!!!  narak ki zindagi bana di asaram ne Ajay ki.  


Please don’t fall in trap of these sweet stories this criminal is getting written about himself. Please think think & think.  See real human, see reality Ajay Sharma is reality, his mother’s condition is reality, his exploitation is reality, & look at these criminals talking about disrupting communal harmony Christianity etc etc. 


Wake up & please help victims.




I personally went to meet Ajay in Ahmedabad ashram & they didn’t let me meet with him. These criminals are fungus who are raping people in real & raping their life all over.


Save yourself from criminal asaram cult & think about that mother how she feels from 14 years waiting for her to be sent back from this brainwashing cult.

Talking about Aghori, this criminal asaram has hidden Misra who had went to meet Aghori, Misra is well known in ashram to every inmate as tantrik.  Asaram printed a four-page paper press ki taquat distributed to all of his innocent people who visit his drama of nautanki and in this paper he printed false stories on victims itself. 


  • Why doesn’t asaram goes for narco as Aghori is ready for his narco.
  • Why asaram has hidden Misra tantrik who had gone to meet Aghori, give Misra to police, bring him in public ?
  • Why asaram is telling people to Aghori has gone underground ? whereas Aghori is well available to police if they want to question him.
  • Why didn’t asaram sent two sadhak for narco when police wanted to take their narco for the murder of two kids in Ahmedabad?
  • How asaram is able to open his ashrams on lands belonging to forestland, even though court has ordered to vacate the land?
  • How is asaram able to pay 13 lakh to 17 crores in bribery in one day by cash? to SP & to DIG & to media & to people who came to check his land grabbing case.
  • How many people in asaram ashram’s have guns, pistols ? People who have taken 4 gun license claiming to asaram security, how many guns they have more without license?
  • How many murders asaram has done of people who used to own small mandir but after murdering them asaram converted their mandir into ashram all over India ?
  • How come it took three years for Rajasthan government to break asaram ashram in mount Abu whereas asaram was in process of building
  • Why is it taking 2 months for police to arrest asaram & solve murder in Ahmedabad?
  • Why is mumbai police not able to get narayan in custody even though FIR has been filed couple of weeks ago? He hasn’t been even questioned yet? – Asaram planning to hinder the FIR against narayan forgery.
  • How many ashrams are built where court has already ordered for asaram to vacate as this is not his property.
  • Why asaram wasn’t to murder everyone who leaves his ashram once they get in their senses and comes out of asaram’s hypnotic illusion?


See in asaram ashram you will find murder & crime in every stone you will pick of asaram, history of murders is there for last 30 years.


Asaram has no respect for emotions and tears of widowed mother & criminal asaram giving girgit ke tears in front of public.  Please note all facts I have written are facts with proof & can be verified.



This reply was sent by a victim of Asaram bapu to about Asaram bapu



People who talk about supporting criminals like asaram will talk about attack on Indian culture. See Indian culture doesn’t mean you go and kill others for ahuti because you want to succeed. Indian culture is to cheat forge sexually exploit female disciples? in the name of Hinduism. You have to read the kind of stories these criminals write disguising as Hindu’s.


We ask these questions to ASARAM DIRECTLY In Bold letters , & would request his brainwashed fanatics to think about these ::

  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you need to leave your family so you can work as slave in asaram ashram.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you can forge others property in your name. – Asaram has hundreds of such properties, i can post list.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you have no emotions left for your widowed mother because a thug disguised as your guru said so.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you have no emotions & responsibility for your family. Asaram teaches all inmates screw your family come serve me for ever. He get’s a document signed called Ajeevan samarpan-, which is infact ajjevan karavass by will. This authorizes asaram to brainwash the person legally as he is signed the document in illusion at that time. If he wants to leave later then sadhak is threatened.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you have to kill people who left your ashram. – asaram has murdered number of people – some people who killed are out & they saying this.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you can kill children in the name of ahuti.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you become god & act as god & exploit women who came in your illusion.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you have to work for a criminal so he can make money.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you don’t have to read newspaper or watch news on TV- brainwashed sadhaks of asaram are not allowed, because they will come to know the truth & leave.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you pay government officials to distort criminal cases against you. – asaram has paid bribes from policemen to politician- people who delivered the money is out & exposing.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you support any criminal who is good speaker & can collect junta (people) to see tamasha then exploits them.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you support communal violence whereas not only supporting asaram fanatics do it themselves – court had ordered asaram to pay damages.
  • Hinduism doesn’t mean you can’t denounce a criminal who portrayed himself as guru & you took deeksha from him in illusion.


What Hinduism is or matter of fact any original religion is to love all respect all, love your family respect elders. Period. God is within you , no need to look for god through a special cult. God has given power to everyone use your mind constructively and think think think.


so if any one telling anyone to kill others or come stay in ashram leave your family is dhoongi nautanki (falsified who claims himself as god)

October 2, 2008

Still waiting for narco of asaram sadhak – Verdict in Asaram narco test adjourned till October 4

Ahmedabad, September 20 Chief Metropolitan Magistrate D M Patel on Saturday adjourned the verdict in the narco-analysis test case of two ‘sadhaks’ (disciples) of the Asaram Bapu Ashram till October 4.
Though no criminal case was registered against Pankaj Saxena and Yogesh Bhati, the two sadhaks, the CID (Crime) had sought permission to conduct narco-analysis tests in a bid to dig out the truth following the mysterious deaths of two minor boys at the Ashram gurukul.

The prosecution counsel contended that it was necessary to conduct the narco-analysis test on the two disciples to unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths of the two children.

The prosecution also contended that there was no need to obtain consent of the suspects. He said the Gujarat High Court, in a recent order in the case of Santokhben Jadeja vs State of Gujarat had held that there was no need to seek consent of the accused to conduct scientific test or narco-analysis.

He was, however, strongly opposed by defence counsels Rohit Verma and Bharat Joshi. They argued that the present case could not be compared to the Santokhben case as the latter was an accused while the two disciples are not. The two disciples had earlier refused to undergo the test.

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