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February 27, 2009

Asaram Bapu and his son Narayan Prem Sai ashram are fraud Government admits

All his ashrams should be taken over by Army and then give it to people who live a life of slumdog

All ashrams are taken in by fraud cheating to people and public. Remember while taking over the proeprties how many murders they have done, and how many fmailies they have broken.

Here is news article in which government even admitted in parliament yes it’s a messed up ashrams.

GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat government has admitted in the Assembly on Tuesday that Asaram Ashram has encroached upon 67,099 square metres of land in Ahmedabad. In a written reply to a question asked by Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar, the state revenue department has said that 67,099 square metre land is under encroachment by Asharam Ashram in Ahmedabad and the Collectorate is dealing with the issue. On a supplementary question on what action has been initiated against the Ashram to free the land from encroachment, the government said that Dascroi tehsildar has issued a notice on January 30, 2009 under land revenue act. On February 17, hearing was held at the Collectorate where Deputy Collector heard the matter and once the entire process under the land revenue act is completed, further action will be taken accordingly, the department said.


January 7, 2009

Asaram bapu drinks blood after murdering and have sex with dead bodies too

Asaram bapu has taught his son narauan how to kill then have sex with dead bodies. he calls this ritual sadhna, when u do more sadhna you get more rich. In the process keep killing people and send our brainwashed followers to kill others who try to bring the truth out.  Blame everything is done by SIMI , pakistan  terrorists, oh now he started saying it’s done by christian missionaries.   These exact statements are made by asaram about simi and christians.   I wonder what SIMI or christians have to do with victims who are murdered by asaram, and three  murders he has ordered  in 2009 , it’s just 8th january today and asaram started this year with three murders. Guess what to hide murderes whose help asaram is taking == people who work for police department  administration in government.    These people are brainwashed by asaram and are under illusion that asaram is god but they work for the government and they have the power to misuuse powers. I wonder what educated IPS and IAS oficers are doing ?  We gave power of goernment to politicians but when i spoke to an IPS officer, he said we know asaram is corrupt whole department knows it, but we work for the gujarat givernment and i am doing job for the government so how can i go against my employer wishes.   What ?  really   it’s sad and sickening that asaram is allowed to murder people and still roaming free. Police didn’t even started the inquiry ….  Highcourt now ordered police to do their job and start inquiry.

Thug Asaram kuta has become pagal as his criminal activities are going public he is becoming more psychotic. Asaram should have been put in jail years ago for his crimes and murders he has done for years. Each of his ashrams are grabbed by force of innocent people who came under disguise of religion. Asaram blaming media and victims families for his durdasha now. Asaram is pathetic that he is abusing people who are asking for their land, their sons, their daughters back from his cult. Asaram made videos against people who speak the truth of him and bring his dark face and black crimes under white clothes. Asaram has so much black under the white that he even now made videos of victim girls who are willing to testify and told the real horror tales of ashram and how asaram seduces young brains inside ashram and take them away from their families to become goonda for his criminal network. Newspaper or TV only report when a 0 Victim approaches media with their horror life story because they are not getting justice in the legal system as asaram has disguised under the blanket of religion. asaram is not dharmik rather he is using Hinduism and giving our hindu region a bad name. In our hindu culture mata pita ki sewa is a dharma but asaram is thick skin when parents approach asaram to give their hand over their daughter back then asaram had the daughter file a police report against his own father. So many parents are still wondering what happened to their son/daughter in asaram ashram why asaram has not sent them back as they were told they are hired by the ashram as an employee but now asaram converted them as slaves to work for free, he even made them sign blank papers to sign over their assets to them which they are not part of as parents have taken all rights away from children to give away to asaram.

This ashram was listed on this site three months ago as asaram had full knowledge of this ashram when he had sent three gunmens to take over this ashram of aam wale baba. How a father of a 21 yr old son can fight to get his son out of asaram ashram when asaram has so many illiterate people following asaram under illusion. Some one elses son fights when one father tries to get his son out of asaram cult. We demand all asaram ashrams to be seized . All asaram properties should be taken over by government and given to NGO who are working under law. Asaram’s gun licenses to be cancelled. CBI should should watch asaram ashram and how 29,000 crores of cash is stashed in ashrams. Asaram has forged registry of 227 private houses in mumbai, asaram has taken over 337 homes in Delhi, asaram has over 1734 houses under his control and real owners whose family got involved with asaram as sadhak are now forced out of their homes, because asaram has forged registry of the houses owned by them. Asaram has some follower in police and in administration department who blindly take his orders and murder people who cry out loud after being raped by asaram.

What real hindu’s and guru’s are doing ? watching asaram to ruin our hindu culture ?
Asaram is a dark spot on Hinduism. Asaram is criminal who has been 
Asaram is behaving like Pakistan, Asaram still holding hostages in his ashram but he is denying. asaram is still sitting on the property which is owned by other but he is denying. Asaram still has the children of people who filed cases against asaram that he has taken their child away but asaram is denying. If government can’t get the truth from asaram then how can government think of fighting with Pakistan in the name of religion. Here a criminal killing Hindus in India and is roaming free under the disguise of religion and government is hoping to get criminals from Pakistan ? We request government to look in to this seriously as asaram is planning a mass murder now in his ashram to be blaming on Muslims and Christian missionaries, like he has blamed from last 4-5 months in all of his literature and videos he has posted to defame victims. Victims of asaram are victims of asaram and they are Hindus, they are blaming asaram. Asaram should be arrested for his heinous crimes, other wise our hindu religion is going down. Asaram will not stop his criminal activities and there are thousands and thousands of people are already his victims who are slowly slowly getting in their sense after abuse of years. it takes time for people to recover from the abuse they have beared in asaram ashram for years. Asaram ashram’s are like madrasa which are used by terrorists. Not all madrasa are owned by terrorist but all asaram ashram has thousands of victims brainwashed to die in the name of religion. Shame on Modi as he not only killed Muslims but helped asaram to kill Hindus also.   Day by day asaram has gone desperate to save his cult from being going down, but as history has it, people who become greedy and kill innocents do go down now matter who they were. but this time our hindu religion has been defamed due to criminal activities of asaram. 
What asaram is denying ? He doesn’t have the property which people have filed cases against him ? – Asaram still is sitting on those properties and his innocent sadhaks are used as terrorists to terrorize real owners.
What asaram is denying? he has not done murders = there are real witnesses of his murderers to who is buying these days by paying lakhs of rupees, but there are still so many ready to speak as witness if CBI takes over the case, as victims are not getting justice under Modi government and asaram has his brainwashed fanatic followers in CID who don’t even try to open the case and read the complaints against asaram , so how can victims will ever get justice ?
What asaram is denying – Asaram is not holding son/daughters of parents who filed cases against him – There are number of children who are missing, as told by insider they are murdered in ashram and no one knows, some who were located are still being used as slave and are not with their families. so what he is denying ?

What asaram is saying —-> SIMI Muslims and Christian missionaries have done propaganda to defame him …. Asaram is anti Indian, he doesn’t belive in religion rather, by making these statements in all of his preaching and in his pamphlets he sent to his followers he displayed that he is willing to have inter faith fight. he wants to disrupt peace of people by adding communal riots. We as hindu know Muslims have nothing to do with asaram or his victims rather Muslims and Christians Sentiments are hurt when asaram said statement like these to save his own criminal activities. these statements can be verified in all of his literatures in last 3 months and videos he has posted. Or it can be verified with any of his followers who have attended any of his meetings in last three months since asarams criminal activities came in limelight. Asaram want to disrupt peace of communal harmony just to save his black face. Asaram himself has done propaganda to disrupt communal harmony, he even filed an FIR claiming his ex follower have joined in Muslim Terrorists whereas people he filed FIR against don’t even have money to fight case against asaram as they have wasted 5-30 years inside asaram ashram under illusion.

We hindu’s need to unite and look with open eyes and think for a change rather just to have blind faith in a criminal who has disguised under the religion blanket. Asaram is using young children now under the age of 10 and made his videos to promote him. In all of those videos young child who has not even seen the world yet, has been made to praise asaram like he asaram has saved him from some sin. What a sin a child of 5 years old can do that he has to sing for asaram ? the only fault is that parents of that child are fanatic follower of asaram and they are not aware how many role models asaram has in ashram whose parents had dreams for their child but asaram ruined their life and made them slave to work in his ashram.  

Asaram should be hanged to death number of times the times he has raped young child. If asaram is hanged to death one time for one rape then asaram can’t have next 27,000 lives. so far we counted around 1,798 women were raped about 27,000 times by asaram, his son narayan and some of the politician friends of asaram. Murder, rape, drug abuse all is common in asaram ashram , and all cash stacked bundles are in hawala market which can be verified by any of the jeweler or builder in any city of India. Estimated asaram now has taken control of  47 thousand crores worth of properties & assetts , and not to mention all by forgery and sending his criminal goondas by murdering people. after control of property then asaram sends innocent sadhaks to take care of that property as ashram and seduce more people their for the illusion. 

People who have lost their childrens in his cult are clueless what to do.    Hopefully god will do justice soon.

October 10, 2008

कैसे लूट रहा है आसाराम बापू हमारे समाज को – Kaise loot raha hai asaram humare samaj ko

Any disaster in India becomes PR & money collection commodity to sell to his disciples for asaram.
He starts cashing in on the whatever aapda people face to collect donations. all in cash , no recipe , no record.

In Bihar 2 yrs ago he cashed in on bihar stunt, 50 lakh kisan hit, He offered in public some money, He collected over 73 crores. It’s been 2 years, not even a single penny was sent form that. Show media the audited copy of account that money was distributed ?

When there was earthquake in gujarat, he publicly said he will ” annath bacho god lunga”” How many children he had take? How many crores came from USA ? but how much was actually given to anath children. bhukamp mein aye kitne bachon ko sahara diya ? No he brainwashed some from there and using them as criminals now.

In Orrisa cyclone – gamang CM. Asaram promised him 50 crore for cyclone, gamang gave asaram charter helicopter se Hawaii daura then asaram collected 273 crores from overseas & India in donations but in fact how much he gave to gamang ? how much money spent in cyclone? Nothing zero.

Garib adivasi ki sea photo saalo se eik he uska hi use ho rahein hai, bhandara hota hai , survey karayen to reality pata chalegi .

In 2 -3 yrs one time Rs. 7-9 per person infornt of camera are given apx. Rs.2-3 lakh rupeess is spent, but in the name of bhanadara for adivasi over 70 Crores of Rupees collected. apni patrika mein photo chaap kar do kardo collectio kar leta hai. Donation dene walon ko koi rasid nahin di jaati. Jhoot ka parda faas to yeah hai.
What they distribute is 1 kg atta + 1 mombatti + 1 matches. (atta comes from sponsor who runs a big scam with FCI so it doesn’t even cost over Rs 2/kg. as this is most disgusting atta i have ever seen in my life.). On top in every camp hoardings & photos of asaram are diasplayed os media can shoot that this is what they are doing. but in reality all that drama for adivasi is done so wherever they are doing asaram can grab that land. hundreds of Acres of land is now in asaram control which used to be of Adivasi now asaram became owner of that land. His factories to make all the stuff he sells will be made there. Remember asaram never pays for labour. all labour is first brainwashed then told to live in compound of ashram, donate their property and start working in ashram.

Collection of money in lakhs per day & in crores per day also comes from wherever people matha tekte , parikrama, wahan roj ka lakhon rupees aata hai, koi raseed nahin hai.
pichle das salon ki audited balance shhet media mein pesh kare. Hundred of thousands fo crores has been hidden in money laundry business partners of asaram.

All ashrams sell over truck loads of merchandise per day. sabhi parmukh ashram eik truck maal sale hota hai, uska koi bil nahin diya jaata. No receipt is ever given.
itna profit jo ho raha hai uski paisa kahan hai. And some times when people get sick throught he stuff asaram sells they are brushed off & are told never to come to ashram.
How many truck loads is sold that can be found out by the villages next to ashram , kitne truck bikte hain, aaspass ke village goregaon ullasnagar, rajokiri, vadodra, surat, ludhiana, chandigarh. banaras.agra, jammu, calcutta,kitne truck sale hoti hai,- income tax sales tax dept figures nikalva sakta hai.

Shree Asaramayan
Mahima of asaram – Miracles asaram does , he claims he does in this book, He can bring alive a dead cow. It’s printed in his asaramayan which is has sold crores of copies.
mari gaye ko jeevandana – mari hoi ko zinda – jo mar gaye unko zinda – mari hui chiti ko zinda kar ke dikha de.

hindu saint – hindu thekedaaron par hota hai jo virodh nahin karte hon.
bharat maein anadhi kaal se sant mahapurush aur bhagwan avtar lete rahte hain. lekin aaj tak ramayan to kewal bhagwaan ram ki bani hai. Aaram ne apni hi ramayan nikawlwa kar humare hindu dharam ko kalankit kar diya hai. paise ki bhookh aur kutepan ki had hoti hai.

Yeh thug pichle 35 saalo se karodo asharamayan chapwa kar bech chuka hai.
Hindu dharma ke thekedarron ka khoon kyon nahin kholta.
People are getting to kknow his crimes now, & 99% population hates him. Rest are illeterate & are coming out of his illusion soon too.

October 2, 2008

Still waiting for narco of asaram sadhak – Verdict in Asaram narco test adjourned till October 4

Ahmedabad, September 20 Chief Metropolitan Magistrate D M Patel on Saturday adjourned the verdict in the narco-analysis test case of two ‘sadhaks’ (disciples) of the Asaram Bapu Ashram till October 4.
Though no criminal case was registered against Pankaj Saxena and Yogesh Bhati, the two sadhaks, the CID (Crime) had sought permission to conduct narco-analysis tests in a bid to dig out the truth following the mysterious deaths of two minor boys at the Ashram gurukul.

The prosecution counsel contended that it was necessary to conduct the narco-analysis test on the two disciples to unravel the mystery surrounding the deaths of the two children.

The prosecution also contended that there was no need to obtain consent of the suspects. He said the Gujarat High Court, in a recent order in the case of Santokhben Jadeja vs State of Gujarat had held that there was no need to seek consent of the accused to conduct scientific test or narco-analysis.

He was, however, strongly opposed by defence counsels Rohit Verma and Bharat Joshi. They argued that the present case could not be compared to the Santokhben case as the latter was an accused while the two disciples are not. The two disciples had earlier refused to undergo the test.

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