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February 13, 2009

Asaram bapu says Valentine day is western but he can have sex in his ashram

Students in Chandigarh protested against asaram because asaram pasted his posters allover Punjab universty to seduce more young people to make slaves but he disguised his posters as he wanted to cash in on news of Valentine news.

Here is the link to Chandigarh Punjab University (PU) news where students protested against asaram posters he posted..


Kuta Asaram bapu says on Rakhsa bandhan day you should do honeymoon night, On Fathers & Mothers day you should do guru bhakti, and consider asaram as your father mother, On valentine day celebrate fathers day.  Whereas he and his harami son son narayan celebrate not only valentine rather have sex with women who are trapped in his ashrams everyday. Asaram and his son narayan are playboy in ashram and even dress like krishan once a week to female devotees and tells them I am kanhaiya you are gopi let’s do raslila.


Haramkhor Kuta Asaram Bapu tried to encash Velentine day news and make a name for himself so he posted posters all over chandigarh that Don’t celebrate Valentine day with your loved one rather worship your parents. whereas in his own ashram and to his followers he preaches hate your parents.


This is real face of asaram who recruits people seduce them to work in ashram but then when it’s time to give them salary he makes them disappear. Families keep wondering and keep looking for thier children safety as their son/daughters are not sent back to their homes. Instead he is trying to cash Valentine news in his name by saying worship your parents … Whereas parents whose children he seduced and brainwashed and most of them are either murdered or still under his command are told a different story that your parents are nothing worship me. Why go back to your parents. Work for me i will give you two roti to eat. Leave your parents as they want to take back what they have invested on you. 


Do my guru bhakti, I am god, your parents want to exploit you for the money they had invested on your studies. Celebrate Karva chauth on Raksha bhandhan day, On fathers, mothers days are wrong they are western culture, Now he is trying to cash in on Valentine day news & trying to hide crimes. In reality asaram put hatred towards parents in followers once inside his ashram, so slaves shouldn’t leave ashram & go back to family. All is done by giving them a photo of asaram & books to read called guru gita nothing about your your debt towards parents. GURUGITA explicitely says guru is only thing you need because he is your god. Submit yourself now to god, your tan man dhan is of this god now. They are made to work in ashram from 6 am till 12 am in night. Human rights violation. This can be verified by any of ex victims or by watching slaves who are still in asaram ashram. Human rights violation & it’s a shame on our hinduism.


Here is the link to Chandigarh Punjab University (PU) news where students protested against asaram posters he posted..
Here is a video and there are number of more whose children are murdered or brainwashed in ashram instead of they serving parents asaram taught them to serve his needs.

January 30, 2009

Haramkhor Asaram bapu pays to journalist to not to write about his crimes and victims

Thanks to all general public, Politicians & Guru’s who have supported our cause today in Ahmedabad. We thanks to all the spiritual guru’s who have supported us by their guidance, by showing who is real Asaram & his criminal murderer rapist son Narayan is. Serial Rapist Narayan who is living a life of self called god portraying as Kirshan to innocent females who have fallen in trap of his fathers illusion will be saved soon. From today we will be reporting everyday one real incident of asaram and his criminal activities. It will take years as there are only 365 days in year so right now we have 1,700 cases of victims against asaram from all over India which includes girls who are raped, Parents who daughters were raped, Parents of females who are still getting raped in asaram ashram and parents want to get the medical test done to prove that they have been raped in ashram, parents whose children are killed in ashram, Parents whose children are being held under superstition of next life in ashram. All of these case are fresh with evidence of one of the victims or family who was still alive at that time, some people have been killed by asaram and his goonda’s after they gave us their story. Proofs of asaram tried to break communal harmony just to hide his own personal benefit. Remember some of these stories are well know to all over India and those parents are still struggling to get their children out of asaram ashram. If you also have a guru then you need to check if he has supported asaram in last four months then he is a bad criminal like asaram. If your Guru has not condemned in clear words asaram taking advantage of people making them slaves and keeping them on 3 rotis per day for years and has made them into a living skeleton of bones then your guru has something to hide. Please let us know name of your guru who has not condemned asaram yet openly. We will find out how your guru is supporting asaram, if your guru is supporting asaram then it’s sad then he should be exposed as we know asaram very well so anyone supporting asaram is enemy of all parents & victims of asaram & they might have something under their sleeves. Please send your guru’s name and number who has not condemned asaram yet, this is a public appeal to all hindu’s. Hinduism means be good man not to leave your family under illusion to become slave of criminal rapist asaram. We are looking forward for government to seize all asaram ashram within two weeks, and all slaves to be released and given medical care so they can get back their body back to normal scale instead of being a skeleton of bones. More deaths are being reported by taking asaram medicines because form last couple of months people ar enot buying from asaram futkar shops so all medinces are expired but asaram selling htem by chaing date labels. Asaram has planned mass murder,s o hopefully goivernment acts fast and seize his ashrams before asaram flees away after mass murder. So far in last three months asaram has paid around 3 crores in Cash to just supress the news of victims. If you write one article of true face of asaram then he will first try to harrass you by saying he will sue you bla blah but he can’t sue you becuase you are not writing against a religion you are exposing a criminal, then if you stilll write then he will try to buy you by paying lakhs of ruppes. asaram paid huge cash to TV chanels becuase for 30minute slot which anyone can buy for 3 lah he paid 30 lakh but made a deal that don’t expose me and don’t show story of my victims or rapes and sex abuse in asaaram and narayan ashrams. Remember even if asaram takes you to court still becuase there are thousadns of victims more you will get lot of support from victims, let him take you to court as there will be ten new victim stories will come along. Asaram spread superstition and milking thousands of crores a year. so far his asseets are 45,000 crores which is on the bloods of thousands of people he killed in ashrams.

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