Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

March 20, 2009

Muslims against Kafir asaram bapu as he calls himself as paigambar in India protest supported by Hindus also

Asaram bapu teaches his workers that he is the lord, god father for them. parents of these children keep waiting for justice to be done. Asaram bapu had compared himself to father of number of child but his own children are loafers, and some are on roads and he doesn’t even know where they are because number of women asaram and his son has made pregnant to are unknown. they are thrown out of ashram when they don’t want to get aborted. If they do ever visit ashram again for financial help for child then they are thrown away by his so called body guards. (who are made jihadi’s by brainwashing them). 

As per his own speech which he gives inside ashram to his workers  that take my picture and pray to it as god, Hindu’s protested but as Hinduism has become a lucrative industry for superstition and vote bank then BJP/RSS/VHP came in support of asaram and he is still roaming free even though human rights violations are all over his ashrams. The fact is that each ashram property itself is cheated forged, or grabbed by goondas of asaram.

KAAFIR asaram bapu had tough times when he spoke against balimiki samaj and balimiki samaj had protested, then He compared himself to Sikh guru, then Sikhs in Punjab had protested against him. But now asaram and his son have declared themselves as god so in all of his propaganda he compares himself to each god, and now he on stage in a paid advertising he was doing he told his only worker who got lured to him from overseas as paigambar. Asaram wanted publicity so he had called lot of media also and told them to ensue they take a foreigner on stage so he can lure some educated people as now in his nautanki only uneducated and poor people go who are still under superstitions.   when Varun Gandhi spoke against Muslims then election commission took care and police also came in action but in gujarat because BJP is government and they have been fed by asaram crores of cash no action is taken as yet against asaram. 

Kafir asaram & his son mentality needs to be checked as they have lost their mind by the amount of money  they have made by fooling people which is around 45,000 Crores yes forty five thousand crores. Most of the money is in the hawala market and on interest with number of traders in Mumbai, Surat, Delhi, Nagpur,Rajasthan. Daily income of money on lending interest is around 1.2 Crores in cash. Cash Money is parecelled from Ahmedabad ashram by Ajay Shah through Mani kaka. Both of them are working with asaram for years under illusion that asaram is god. Rice traders and Satish Pawa, Gupta, Sant Lal Aggarwal, Bajaj from Delhi are partners of asaram in money lending business and crores of rupees in cash is transferred on daily basis. (As per ex who used to carry money, and some who are even still working for asaram, because when they wanted to leave asaram threatened them with life.).  murdered children cases are still not even been initiated after 9 months now. Parents who went to media asking for help to release their children are murdered or their sons/daughters are murdered. 

Asaram Bapu said this is a controversy, when people protested, now Muslims protested . In a public gathering on Dhuleti at Surat, Asaram Bapu’s only lonely worker who he imported from overseas then brainwashed and deluded  compared him with Prophet Muhammad on mike. Muslims have now demanded to arrest both James and Asaram Bapu for hurting sentiments of the Muslims.

On Dhuleti, at Surat’s Jahangirpura ahsram, English disciple James was called on the stage by Asaram Bapu. Soon after Asaram Bapu gave him a mike and told him to narrate his experience in short, James told the gathering, “Asaram Bapu is God, he is Buddha, he is Krishna, he is Muhammad, he is everything”.


As recording of this event appeared on a major TV news channel, ordinary Muslims in central Gujarat’s Bharuch town came into action, as it affects the sentiments of any religion. Hindu’s also joining the protest as asaram is not kirshna or god rather he is hard core criminal disguised as hindu who should be arrested and all slaves should be released from his terror camps called ashrams. 

Bharuch based Arabic University Darul Ulum Gulshan e Ajmer’s Janab Muhammad Hanif Rifaqati, Dayadada’s Anjuman e Raza Mustufa’s Shabbir Ali Rizvi, Bharuch’s Kurja based Yusufbhai Shekh and Nabipur’s Hanfi Kitabghar’s Gulam Hafiz Nabipuri released a press statement protesting against comparison of Asaram with Muhammad made by Asaram devotee James.

A group of Muslims including Saiyad Amin, Bafatisha Divan, Munir Kheruwala, Muhammad Hussain Pathan also went to the district collector’s office with a memorandum demanding immediate arrest of Asaram Bapu and his discipline James for hurting sentiments of Muslims.

Let’s hope if god can get the justice to should of people asaram has murdered, by arresting asaram. asaram bapu and his son narayan are kaafir.  He tries to compare himself as god and literaaly some people do fall in trap and then he exploits the vulenrability of that individual. for years number of people in ashram are working to whom he had posed as Allah. So many women are lured into his ashram and then brutally raped by sureshanand and narayan sai giving them illusion that they are gods in real life.

Hindu’s need to wake up and support muslims so they can save thier community and thier children, becuase there will be some vulnerable children in muslim community who will fall intrap of this kaafir.  Hope you can save your children from this kafir.


January 20, 2009

Modi helped ASARAM Bapu & his son to hide murders

It is unfortunate that India has people like Modi who is accused of doing genocide murders of innocent people is still able to live alive. There were thousands of people murdered under Modi’s power, even now lot of murders are done under his power. If Modi helped asaram to hide murders becuase of money then it’s really shame. Asaram paid hundreds of crores in bribes to  government officials. but now those officias have woken up their eyes as sooner or later asaram & his son will be caught and
will be brought to justice then they will be also under scanner if they hep him now.

Some people used to help asaram under illusion of faith who portrayed himself as god to insiders, but now since asaram crimes  were made public by victims of asaram, all educated people who were helping asaram to hide his crimes have left asaram and  are speaking the truth of asaram, the way it is.

Clear cut murders of small children done by Asaram bapu & his son narayan sindhi was described as under investigation but  never an investigation done. As per Mr. Vaghela, There are picture available that heads of children were shaven for tantrik  pooja, and police did found pooja materials but instead of doing thorough investigation CID said it was pooja stuff. Not sure in tantrik pooja police was looking for guns & bombs. Asaram is sitting on so many properties of people who are  deceived by asaram, court even ordered asaram to vacate those properties but asaram still has those properties.
so many parents begging in courts and went on to ask for help to Modi that please help us save life of our children form  asaram as asaram is making them Hindu terrorist and teaching them that a person should kill their parents for the order of  Asaram. But asaram exploiting young children by keeping them in his ashrams and brainwashing them that Asaram is supreme
power and  GOD., whereas asaram is hard core criminal, rapist, murdered who has support of fascist Modi and BJP who helps  asaram to not  to go jail.

If Modi as CM couldn’t help victims who are even asking for help in courts, all over media to save their assets and their life and their families from criminal & terrorist asaram then he has no right to be CM forget about dreaming even in politics.  If Indian courts can’t do justice then we demand international human rights organizations should get involve as  congress is unable to put a stop on Asaram Bapu’s criminal ashrams because of fear from BJP’s dirty political tactics.

Parents are sad to see thier son/daughter being manipulated to see asaram as thier god as saidf by one of the follower on  LIVE TV, he is still manipulated to not to leave asaram ashram even after his mother begged to Modi & asaram live on TV, that  please send my son back to his home. But these criminals made threats to fmailies of insiders.

if Muslims can’t get justice of 3,000 murders of Muslims in India as whole community then imagine how poor people whose  son/daughters are murdered in front of their eyes by asaram will get justice. published photocopies of some of court document which are filed against asaram, in which he has used terror

against innocent people who have lost their assets to asaram terror and are unable to save their kins from becoming terrorist in asaram ashrams. A father can’t save his daughter and she was raped 700 times in ashram over 7 years. An ex army men was able to fight for India and save India but he couldn’t save his own son from asaram, he has filed FIR. Another case in which ex employee of asaram who was brainwashed to work in ashram as sadhak when tried to run away asaram filed an FIR against him and said in FIR that he belongs to Muslim terrorist group and when he was leaving ashram he had sexually abused another female sadhak who is still in asaram ashram.

Vaid Amrut Bhai when orders milk of 200 ml for a person who is living in ashram without any milk for 10 years then Amrut Bhai was accused, as asaram doesn’t want people living in ashram to drink milk ever so they can ever think and they should become mentally challenged and without thinking pray asaram as their messiah GOD. Imagine asaram grabbed even ove 180 properties as gau shala (cow home), but thre is no cow and people living in ashram are used slaves under psychological manipulation and are

not given a drop of MILK for 10-20 years. It’s a human rights violation. Each individual who is living and working in ashram are living under because when he/she want to leave  they are told superstitious stories and are made to slog for more years.

They made to break mentally break so they can work for asaram.  All of these people were called in ashram to work as a job,  but, when person is brainwashed and has started performing in ashram  then job is made into a volutnary work. so many poor  people who came out of manipulations of ashram and have filed for the work they have done in ashram for years. Imagine even if Rs.20,000 per month his salary is Rs 2 lak forty thousand and if someone worked 10 years asaram is holding twenty four lakh  rupees of the worker in ashram. So asaram uses every trick i the book to harras ex workers ot to file for the salaries in  court, and don’t let the person leave ashram.  Asaram uses room#304 on 3rd floor to beat people for days when they want to  leave ashram.

Modi had called Mr.Vaghela (father of murdered children in Ahemedabad) to his office and told him he will ensure that asaram  will get arrested but he must break his fast and let the inquiry happen, but never an inquiry happened and authorities helped  to clean evidence of murderers done by Asaram & his son narayan. This can’t happen if modi didn’t ordere and police was not  under pressure.

ASARAM BAPU and his son NARAYAN are ::
A RAPIST – Charges were made live on TV, by females to whom asaram tried to poison later.
A PEDOPHILE (HAD SEX WITH A CHILD) – Narayan & asaram open their pants and touch genitals of children
AN ASSASSIN – Asaram has ordered number of murders including the Rani in Chindwara.
A MASS MURDERER – When Ahemedabad public was opposing Modi for not taking any action against asaram then asaram ordered on Microphone to everyone in ashram – kute aaye hai bahar maar dalo sab ko, besides this Jodhpur ashram owner was saved  by her devotees and caught asaram goons with talwars.
A RUTHLESS TORTURER – Parents of so many families are begging for their kins back from asaram ashram, a father even went to do saucier because his son was not sent back to his home when his wife died just waiting to be released form asaram ashram.
A TERRORIST – asaram said on TV/ in his speeches / in his propaganda what he did by flyers he sent to his followers clearly says QUOTES by asaram “People who are putting allegations on me belong to Muslim terrorists group and are paid by Christian Missionaries “.  He had no respect for any religion, just to hide his own crimes he wanted to start communal violence.
A LECHER –  As said on TV
A MISOGYNIST – As pointed out by all of his ex followers
A NARCISSIST –  He is still is NARCISSIST, because his brain is always in sex and looting, so his brain is damaged.
A THIEF AND PLU – So many court cases –  35 are listed on  A property he is sitting on saying this is his  instead he has forged every signature in all of his ashrams.

So Modi who is right hand man of asaram is thinking of becoming leader of ?
If Muslims were really murdered, if there are people who are loosing their children to asaram cult under superstition and families are being tortured, then both Modi & Asaram should be beaten by chappals and let the souls of people can rest in peace. Jaan se maar kar yeh kute aur logo ko bewakoof bana rahe hain.

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