Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

Video of reporter Gopi who was beaten by asaram goons

Video of Gopi (Reporter) beaten by lathis by asaram goons.

See this is reality of asaram, when a reporter or a police person can’t do anything to show truth of asaram then how can parents whose sons/ daughters are brainwashed by asaram & kept in ashram to make them terrorists can do.   Brainwashing is done in the name of relgion but then it shifts to guru sewa, then it shifts to guru ki raksha. Now all inamtes who are made terrorists jobs is to beat kill anyone who speaks against asaram.    Any victims who has ever spoken against asaram that he is victim of asaram has been beaten, threatened or murdered. We contacted several victims and all have sad facts about asaram terrorism.   Asaram bapu uses phoot dalo rajniti karo. maa ko bete se ladwa kar apna kaam nikalwata hai. same way sons are taught to file FIR against thier own father that father wants to kill so he wants to stay in ashram.

Watch this video of AajTak’s brave reporter named Ms. Gopi  , see the way she is horrified by the criminal acts of asaram and his sadhaks who live in ashram. Asaram had bhdakood sadhaks in the ashram on loudpseaker that outside there are tema of people who want to chedo behans, see what he said now people inside ashram came outside ashram to kill anyone who was out of ashram.  In ashram they have lathi’s guns, revolvers all over india.  Asaram uses manipulaive language so the person infront does things which he will never do in right sense.


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